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Oak Meadow
Five in a Row 
Bookshark Instructor Guide K- an overview 
BookShark World Cultures (BookShark K) 
BookShark American History 1
Sonlight's Core B
Sonlight's Core F

Early Learning

Language Arts

Math & Critical Thinking

Singapore Math Essentials A & B 
Teaching Textbooks 
More About How We Use Teaching Textbooks
Simplifying Math Mammoth
Life of Fred Elementary Series 

Life of Fred Pre-Algebra (order of books)
Critical Thinking Company's Think-a-Grams 
Critical Thinking Book 1 
Math with Picture Books

Sonlight/Bookshark Books

The Timeline Book
A Child's Introduction to Poetry (Core D)
Core F Read-Alouds 
Living Long Ago (Core A/Bookshark K)

Picture Books

Thanksgiving Picture Books
Winter Picture Books


Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature (Core P 4/5) 
Magic School Bus: Back in Time With the Dinosaurs Kit
My Body Book
The Complete Book of Animals 
Miller-Levine Biology (Macaw book)
TOPS Corn & Beans 
Home Science Adventures

Foreign Language

Galore Park Greek

Greek Alphabet Code Cracker


Pattern Blocks
Professor Noggin Games
Sum Swamp
Spot It!


Art Lab for Kids
Mark Kistler Draw 3D 
Picture Study  - not a review, just some notes on how we do it

The All-New Woodworking for Kids
You Are an Artist Chalk Pastels