2016-2017 Curriculum

Here are my plans for my four for the upcoming homeschool year...most things are nailed down, with just a bit of uncertainty in the science department!

Grace (10th grade)

Christopher (8th grade)

BookShark Science 7 (?) (begin)
Duolingo Spanish 

James (6th grade) 

Rose (3rd grade) 

Life of Fred Farming, Goldfish, & Honey
Five in a Row Volumes 2 & 3


  1. How are you all liking Home Science Adventures? I would love to hear more about it!

  2. Hi! HSA is going very well - it's super easy to use; when they say they include everything, they really mean it! At first I thought it might be a bit too simplistic, but it's getting done and the kids enjoy it, which is the most important thing to me right now. And even though it's pretty simple and quick to do, I still feel like they are learning enough, especially for my 8 y.o. I made a note to do a more "official" review on it soon!


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