Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fourth Grade Homeschool History Memory Work

I shared last month about how we are doing poetry in our homeschool this year. One important piece of our poetry study is our poem memory work ~ basically I just ask the kids to memorize a handful of poems over the course of our school year. This is something they have pretty universally loved doing. My younger daughter especially enjoys memorizing things, so this year I took a cue from The Well-Trained Mind and asked her to do some history memory work each day as well. She is using BookShark's American History 1, so her memory work is also American history focused.

First of all, she is currently working on memorizing Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, using this wonderful picture book copy! She just reads the book to herself each day and she's nearly got it. She loves the challenge.

Once that's complete, it's on to the states and their capitals, through song! We used the Geography Songs kit last year and she loved it, so I think she'll enjoy this resource as well. The kit doesn't seem to be available through Amazon, but Rainbow Resource carries it. 

States and Capitals Songs Kit w/ CD | Main photo (Cover)

Next up will be memorizing the presidents in order with a fun set of flashcards (tip ~ the company Christian Book carries the most up-to-date set).

I keep the process of memorization pretty simple. I let her choose what to work on next and then I just make a note in her planner to "read the Gettysburg Address" (or whatever it is) each day. She usually works on her history memory work four days a week, for about 10 minutes each day. When she's done, we'll move onto the next thing.

And that's how we're doing history memory work in our homeschool this year!

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