Thursday, June 8, 2017

Seventh Grade Homeschool Plans

James will be in seventh grade next year! Here is my tentative plan for him.

Our Seventh Grade Homeschool Plans


History & Literature 

Language Arts

Foreign Language

Art, music, critical thinking, and science will be group subjects this year and I will post separately about them as I figure them out. If you want to see my previously posted plans for my rising fourth grader they are here. Now onto my rising ninth grader!


  1. Hi, it's always fun seeing someone else's plans. I have been considering Bookshark 5 for 8th grade. Did you ever try bravewriter at all? Language arts is always my challenge.

  2. I did use Bravewriter for a short while, but found it just wasn't getting done around here. I love the idea of it though!


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