Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Homeschool Summer Fun Kit

I still haven't finished my homeschool planning for next year, but I have switched gears for a bit.   The weather has been hot and summery and we are wrapping up our school year. So it's time to make some fun summer plans!

I love making a giant list of things I want to do with the kids over the summer. However... I have to reign myself in a bit, because our summer is super busy with sports. We don't have a lot of lazy summer days around here anymore. And we don't have much time to do awesome summer field trips, as much as I'd like to. So, my kit is focused on things we can do at home.  I had so much fun putting this together!

Here's what I am going to include:

 Big bubbles ~ Because these just look really, really cool....

Prodigy Math ~ I signed Rose up for a free account and she adores it! I wanted an easy, painless way for her to review math over the summer and this math-masquerading-as-video-game is right up her alley. James will get an account just as soon as he finishes his math. My older two will continue to work on their Teaching Textbooks levels throughout the summer.

Match a Pair of Birds ~ My kids still love memory games, but our original memory game is getting too well-loved. All the various dings and stains make it a bit easy to "remember" where the cards are. A new challenge is in order.

Food Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Our Edible World ~ My kids loved talking food and cooking food, so I think this will be a popular read.

I chose a few mind-challenging games too, namely....Set, Spot It, and Mastermind.

State birds & flowers puzzle ~ I try to get a new 1000 piece puzzle each summer. We keep one set up on the sunporch for anyone to work on when the urge strikes. I often choose one that sneaks some learning in, because I'm like that. I especially love the puzzles made by White Mountain because they have gorgeous detail.

Meatless Cookbook ~ My girls want to eat mostly vegetarian - for the summer at least.  A new cookbook to inspire us all is in order, but I have found that my kids really only enjoy reading cookbooks with tons of pictures. Hopefully this one will fit the bill. 

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Kit ~ We have so many Legos in our house! But my kids seem to be losing interest in them lately. I am hoping this book/kit combo will reignite that building spark. 

Liberty Kids ~ I have heard so much about this series over the years, but for some reason we've never watched it. Next year, Rose and I are going to be reading though BookShark's American History, so I thought this would be a fun little intro for us.

 Naturally, we have other resources and things lying around for the kids to do this summer. But sometimes it is just nice to bring in a new batch of things to inspire everyone. I definitely could have added more to this list, but I wanted to keep it (fairly) inexpensive. In addition to all of the above, there will be lots of books. We have had a hard time making it to the library this school year, but summer will be easier in that regard. I am planning to put together a list of books I want to have on hand for the kids to read over the summer, and that list will hopefully be the topic of an upcoming post.

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