Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Homeschool Technology Unit

Christopher finished up his BookShark science a few weeks ago and we were in limbo about what to do next - get the next BookShark science? Jump right into high school biology, since he is finishing up his eighth grade year? I was leaning towards the latter, but then decided  I just didn't have time to plan and research such a thing this time of year.... so together we decided on a mini technology unit.

 The  plan is to have him work through the following three resources for about 10 weeks.

  • The Way Things Work Now ~ What a fun book! All of the diagrams, explanations, and illustrations are right up his alley. He reads several pages a week (a bit each day) and then just tells me what he read about.

  • Can You Feel the Force? - Like the book above, this one is full of color ~ but with photos instead of illustrations. The two books go quite well together. Christopher picks up whichever book he feels like reading that day and then just tells me what he read about.

  • Snap Circuits - For some hands-on fun, I picked up a snap circuits kit. We have never used these in our homeschool, though I have always meant to give them a try. The plan is to spend an hour a week or so playing around with the kit. I purchased a Snap Circuit student guide from Rainbow Resource to help flesh out the experiments. Tomorrow we'll be our first day experimenting with this, and I'm excited to see how it goes! 

And that's our simple technology unit to round out Christopher's eighth grade year of science. 

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