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Mid-Year Update: Homeschooling Tenth Grade

One last "mid-year" update ~ I believe I will be ready soon to start sharing what we have planned for next year's homeschooling curriculum.

So, Grace is in tenth grade this year, which is both exciting and a little scary. I alternate between thinking things are going great and just being absolutely paranoid that we are not doing enough and that she will not be ready, whatever that means. I am starting to plan in earnest for college prep and it's honestly freaking me out quite a bit. I am going to try to do more posting on high school/college stuff as I go along and try to figure things out.  For now I'll just say, it's both easier and harder than I expected.

You can see Grace's original tenth grade plans here.

Grace is working mostly on her own now. Her general routine is a morning of independent work starting a bit before 9, followed by lunch, then our group reading, after which I discuss her work with her, go over her readings, and just generally prod/nag her in the right direction. Then she does more independent work before she finishes around 2:30. In a perfect world, we would do longer hours, because this isn't usually enough time to get everything in. But, she is very involved at her barn and with a couple of other activities, plus I like for her to have some just "being" time. So, we do what we can.

Writing Strands Level 6  - This is going super slowly for her. I'm not really sure why. She took off the month of November and did Nanowrimo. She has only done a (not-quite) handful of writing projects this year besides that. She tends to be a slow, careful writer though, and she does work on her current project most days. I gave her a choice this year of working on a history or science paper if she doesn't care for the assignment from Writing Strands. Sometimes, the assignment just seems too similar to something she has already done. So one month, for example, she wrote a paper on Elizabeth Cady Stanton instead of working on the next WS assignment. 

Vocabulary from Classical Roots D - This is finished for the year, and she'll pick up a different vocabulary program next year, probably Wordly Wise.

Analytical Grammar's High School Review and Reinforcement - Having finished all three seasons of Analytical Grammar, she does one review sheet every other week. This is going well for her.

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 - This is also going well. And I can't even tell you what a relief it is that she understands the algebra and I don't have to try to explain it to her! She generally completes one lesson per day, though some she needs to stretch over two days. I expect she will have to work through the summer on this to finish it up in time to begin geometry next year.

The Thinking Toolbox - (copying this from her brother's update) -We currently do this as our lunchtime reading. It works very well for this because there is about five minutes of material I have to read in the beginning, and then we go over the discussion questions while we eat.  I have been very pleased with this program. It's neat to see the kids apply lessons they learned in it to real life - especially with all the political talk lately!

BookShark American History 100 - She is just about to finish this program up ~ probably in another week ~ and then she will move on to Sonlight Core 300. I debated long and hard about what to do after BKSK 100, but since there are no further BookShark levels out, back to Sonlight it is.This way of learning just works for us, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel at this point.  She will carry Core 300 into next year.  I plan to do a review of 100 in the coming weeks, but for now I'll just say that while Grace was often annoyed at the tone and content of the notes in her student guide, she very much enjoyed Hakim's History of US and I am very pleased with her knowledge of American history.

Chemistry - We ended up dropping Design Through Chemistry partway through and replacing it with this homemade chemistry program. It's a better fit, but progress has been slow and I often feel like I am bugging her to "just get some chemistry done please!" I'm thinking finishing up this program will be a summer project as well.

Ouino Spanish - Grace enjoys this program much more than Rosetta Stone, which she finished up last year. But we both agree that doing a course at a community college next year feels necessary to truly study the langauge. I would love to do some more Latin study with her pre-college, but I am just not sure we have time. Still, it will be something to think about it as I plan for next year.

Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book 1 - She has created a lot of really awesome drawings from this book this year and has been pleased with the ideas in this book. She often puts her own spin on things.

And I think that's it! If you want to see my previous mid-year updates you can see them here:

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