Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rowing Three Names {FIAR}

I have several Five in a Row adventures, or "rows", to catch you all up on...starting with our row of Three Names, a book about a dog with three names (actually four, as you'll find if you read this story). We loved this book, but I must admit this was much more of a "talking row" than a "doing" row...hence the relative lack of pictures!

Here's what we did!
*Social Studies*

  • This story takes place on the prairie, so I reminded her of Little House on the Prairie, which we read last year, and which reminds me that we never watched this - maybe a good winter project? Then, she drew a pictures of the prairie ~ hers has lots of horses, naturally. 

  • We discussed one-room schoolhouses and what it might have been like to learn in one, then we made baked potatoes and ate them for lunch, like the children in the story ~ only we baked ours in the electric oven;).

*Language Arts*

  • As suggested in the manual, we discussed what makes an interesting title ~ this story definitely has one!
  • We went over some of the unfamiliar vocabulary in the story and learned what words like "slough" and "aggie" mean, among others.
  • This story has lots of similes ....the nights were crisp like apples.....and we went through and found them, with the help of our trusty manual.
  • We discussed what hyperbole means and how it is used as a literary device - it's an exaggeration used for emphasis, like when your grandfather tells you he had to walk six miles to school uphill both ways!
  • As suggested in the manual, we re-read the wonderful description of the barn. Then Rose got out one of her favorite horse books and we reviewed some of the different types of horses - she loved this, especially since she took riding lessons herself through the summer and fall. 

  • The illustrations in this book contain many examples of shadows, so we looked through and identified where the light would have been coming from based on the shadows. Examples:

  •  We looked at this picture of the road to see how the illustrator makes it look as though the road goes right back into the picture, eventually disappearing ~ the lines of the road narrow, and the fence posts are taller in front, getting shorter in back. 

  • We talked about fiddles, then we listened to one ~ can you believe the girl playing is only nine!?

  • Grandfather occasionally walked to school ~ a 3 mile journey ~ so, as suggested in the manual, I taught Rose how many feet are in a mile. Then, we figured out how many feet he walked total. 

  • We talked about wind shears and tornadoes, both of which occur on the prairie. We also discussed what it means to be fraternal twins, like two of the children in the story. 
  • We are told that great-grandfather gets his water from a well, so I explained to her that our water also comes from a well. We also discussed the purpose of a root cellar - we actually see one in action a couple of times a month, when we pick up our winter farm share.
I had definitely planned to do a bit more with this book; we never got around to baking sugar cookies or looking for shadows outdoors, among other things, but this was still a very enjoyable row! 

Next up, I'll have our row of Peter Rabbit

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