Friday, December 30, 2016

January Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons... here are some plans and random thoughts for January.

Snowy garden

Special Dates to Celebrate

*January 1st ~ New Year's Day*

It's the beginning of a new year! We make a french toast casserole the night before to have for breakfast - it's nice to have something a bit "fancier" yet still easy enough to get together after staying up until midnight! The kids each get a wrapped calendar at their place at breakfast - they pick out their own several weeks earlier, then I order them and hide them away when they come. We hang up our lunar phase calendar, which was under the tree Christmas morning and set up our page-a-day calendar for the year. We also have a traditional dinner with black-eyed pea salsa, red beans and rice, collard greens, and cornbread.  

*January 6th ~ Twelfth Night* 

Even though we are not a religious family, we enjoy celebrating this night as the official end to our Christmas season. This is traditionally the last full day we keep the tree up (this year, the needles are falling everywhere, so I'm not sure it will make it!), and we put three small gifts for each child under the tree that evening. We have everyone plan a performance of some sort - we have had puppet shows, magic tricks, craft demonstrations, poetry recitations, special Lego structures unveiled...whatever everyone feels like contributing for entertainment. We make a Twelfth Night cake (just a simple bundt cake) into which I place a foil-wrapped coin. Whoever gets the coin in their piece is the king or queen of the night (which means we make them wear a paper crown for the rest of the evening;))

*January 12th ~ The Full Wolf Moon*

It's always nice to notice when the moon is full!

*January 28th ~ Chinese New Year*

We typically make fortune cookies as a family project and make or order Chinese food for dinner, depending on what else is going on that day. This year is the Year of the Rooster, so I found a neat coloring sheet to print out and we may make some easy lanterns, time permitting. 

We also celebrate Christopher's birthday this month - he's turning 14!

Things to Notice & To-Do 

  • Snowshoe, sled, and just generally enjoy the snow; maybe try some snow painting
  • Keep the feeders full - there are so many birds this time of year!
  • Make orange marmalade
  • Make snow ice cream after a big snowfall 
  • Make paper snowflakes to decorate the windows
  • Take down all of the Christmas decorations 
  • Jot down notes for next Christmas (things we need to restock, updated Christmas card list, etc.)
  • Purchase supplies for Valentine making for next month
  • Eat lots and lots of citrus - I have a craving for this salad right now
  • Make sure kids send thank you notes (or at least emails) for holiday gifts
  • Purchase new sleds (ours never seem to see more than one or two seasons)

I am sure that, like most months, not all of these things will get done! But I do enjoy having a list to refer to. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year!!

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