Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Enough

Just popping in to say that I added a few photos to our Advent plans in the post below. We have been having a lot of fun this month, focusing on doing one or two holiday-related things each day. I try to prioritize these little activities, usually doing them right after we finish morning chores. So far, everyone has wanted to participate, which I consider a win, but I do feel compelled to point out that all is not calm and bright over here as we go about these plans.

 I don't want anyone reading this to think my kids are happily rushing through their chores so they can sit down and compliment each other on their crafts before peacefully baking cookies in front of a roaring fire. Because that is not what is going on. There is squabbling, there is spilled paint, there are kids who wander off in the middle and leave newspaper stuck all over the table, there are days that get messed up and we can't seem to get started on anything at all. There have been kids who stomped off in the middle of cookie baking due to some perceived slight, and who fought over which Christmas tree to get. In short, it is never quite the peaceful process I envisioned, no matter what "it" is.

 I say this not to complain (well, maybe a little;)) but just because I know how easy it is to get frustrated and overly busy at this time of year and to feel like whatever you do is not enough. Yet everyone else's instagram posts seem to be full of full of smiling, cooperative children. And all the while yours are arguing with you about when they last showered and spilling chocolate chips all over the floor. Just know there is more than meets the eye here, like everywhere. Most times we still have a lot of fun, and the thing is, when we look back on everything later, the kids will probably only remember the fun. Do what you can. It's enough. I repeat this to myself every day. 

And did I mention my oldest just turned 16? She's studying for her learner's permit, and we gave her a copy of the car keys for a gift. Yikes. 

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