Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Musings

For the week of November 7th...

A few plans for the week

Our usual line-up of sports, plus lots of extra things ~ a birthday party, a library event Rose wants to go to, a planned visit with friends, a local acrobat show we have tickets to, plus doctor appointments for the boys. And two of the girls' favorite horses retire from the barn this week to go to new homes, which has us all feeling a bit sad. It's one of those weeks where I feel tired before it has even begun. On the upside, the kids are really enjoying their chosen activities this year; this is one of my boys at a recent climbing competition...

Some homeschool notes

Our year has been going well, though I have not been successful in documenting and posting about it here, except for Five in a Row posts. This week I am hoping to start a series of posts about how things are going and what we are using, starting with language arts. This week we are going to have a light week due to everything else going on. The kids are quite interested in the election this year and have asked to watch the coverage "until it is decided". I told them, that's fine, depending on how long said decision takes! I plan to print out this electoral college map so we can color in the states red or blue as the results come in. 

Out of doors

It's cold and windy, but I really do love November. The leaves that are still hanging on are such a gorgeous color ~ especially the Japanese maple just outside the back door which is a bright scarlet. The fact that it is getting dark so very early now will take some getting used to this week, but I am looking forward to being able to take early morning walks again. I started digging up a bed for planting garlic today, but I gave up after a few minutes. Things are too busy this year, and my heart just isn't in gardening. I have admitted to myself that if I have a few extra minutes I would rather play a game with the kids, or decorate the house for Thanksgiving (what I did today instead of planting that garlic), or just sit and do nothing. I like growing things, I hope I will feel the  urge to do it again some year, but for now it is one of those things that just feels like too much. 

In the kitchen

I've been working on simplifying my dinner planning process. It has been taking me forever to figure out what to make for the coming week. So I assigned each night a "theme". Sunday is Sunday dinner, and that's Dad's night to figure out what to cook; Monday is slow cooker baked potatoes or slowcooker meatball night (with pasta or in sandwiches);Tuesday is Rose's cooking night; Wednesday Grace picks something to cook; Thursday my boys cook; Friday is slowcooker chicken night (barbecue chicken sandwiches or cilantro lime chicken on rice or in tacos); Saturday we make pizza. This has taken a lot of pressure off of me. 

Watching & reading

We watched Ghostbusters with the kids last week (the original), other than that we have not watched much. Without the kids we watched The Big Short. My current read is The House at Riverton, which I am very much enjoying, but it is so long I am not sure I can finish it before it is due back to the library! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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