Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rowing Ferdinand {FIAR}

Catching up on our Five in a Row adventures this year...Rose and I recently rowed Ferdinand, a book about a bull who likes the quiet life.

Here's what we did!

*Social Studies*
  • We found Spain on our globe.

  •  I dug out our atlas (I tried to find a link, but I don't think it is published anymore!) so we could learn some more about Spain. 

  • Ferdinand likes to sit under a favorite cork tree, and we were excited to see that our atlas had an illustration of a real cork tree ~ though not quite like Ferdinand's, which actually had corks dangling from it:)

*Language Arts*
  • This story begins with "Once upon a time...", and as suggested in the manual, I asked Rose if she thought this would be a true story. She correctly guessed no. 
  • We discussed the repetitive phrases in the story, such as "his mother, who was a cow", and looked for others that pop up more than once. 
  • We discussed interjections, then I gave her some examples and had her look through the book to find the interjection ("wow!" when Ferdinand sat on a bee!).


  • The pictures in this book are all black and white, and many are quite humorous. We each picked our favorite funny picture. This was hers (taking place just after the aforementioned bee incident). 

  • As suggested in the manual, I pointed out that Ferdinand takes two cart rides in the story. The first time he is going to Madrid and the second he is going home. In both cases he faces away from Madrid, to symbolize his distaste for bull-fighting. This is just the kind of detail that makes me love FIAR - I probably never would have picked up on such  thing on my own. 
(we skipped the math section for this row)

  • Ferdinand features an illustration of a vulture. I shared information on vultures with Rose from our manual, then we looked up turkey vultures in our nature guide to read about the vultures we have around here. 

  • We took time out to notice the wonderful details of this clover illustration, then I sent Rose out to find a clover in the yard. It isn't exactly clover season, but she did manage to come up with this rather well-loved one. 

  • Then she had some clover honey on, too. 

*More Fun*
  • For fun, we watched a Ferdinand cartoon, and then she used a cork as a stamp to make some art, which alas I forgot to photograph!
My next FIAR post will be about our row of Three Names

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