Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Musings

Wow! I really did not mean to not blog for over a month, but I have had trouble finding my groove this fall. Things have been busy, busy, busy, and writing time has been very scarce. But I think we are finally settling into a routine and I hope to be able to be around here more often to share our homeschool year with you. Here we go...

For the week of October 10th...

A few plans for the week

Our extracurricular load is heavy this year, which means something (and usually 2 or 3 somethings) every day. We are taking today off of school since Dad has it off of work and planning to head to the apple orchard and maybe bake a pie before the kids head off in different directions. It's been a struggle, but I am really trying to fit in the fun seasonal stuff we usually do. We decorated for Halloween over the weekend, and I am plan to set aside some time this week to make fun candles with the kids. We also hope to do a local corn maze ~ our planned trip this weekend got rained out.  

Some homeschool notes

Homeschooling is going well! I am starting to feel a bit more organized about things, but many days I feel like I am being pulled in a hundred different directions. Rose and I are on our third Five in a Row book of the year, and I will  have posts up soon for our rows of Mirette on the High Wire and Ferdinand. All of the kids are doing Teaching Textbooks for math this year and it has been such a relief. No more correcting math! Our current BookShark read-alouds are Sticks Across the Chimney (Rose, Book Shark 2), Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze (James, BookShark 5), and The Singing Tree (Christopher, BookShark 8). Grace is reading all of her own books this year - her first year with no read-alouds. I have been reading her current book, The Call of the Wild, in order to better discuss it with her. 

Out of doors

We are in peak foliage season here in New England, and the colors are just lovely right now. To get to town I have to drive through this kind of swampy area, and the colors there are so bright they hurt my eyes. I am always wishing I could take a picture...but alas, I am driving! We got pumpkins and mums a couple of weeks ago and set them all up on the porch and it makes me very happy, even though the porch desperately needs repainting. I am a big fan of fall. 

In the kitchen

We are continuing kids' cooking nights this fall, and whatever night they don't cook tends to be a crockpot night. We have a rotating crockpot menu, which lately has been potato-leek soup, some sort of chili, or chicken cooked with barbecue sauce or salsa, then served on tacos/rolls or over rice. 

Watching, reading, crafting

We watched The Addams Family with the older three and they all enjoyed it. I love that movie, so I was glad they appreciated it. We also watched Cars, an oldie but goodie. Without the kids, we have been watching season two of Fargo. My current read is A Day at the Beach, which I just started and haven't formed an opinion of yet. I just finished up The Awakening of Miss Prim, which I loved. As a homeschool mom, it was so fun to read an adult book so in favor of homeschooling!

I am working on a post about our first FIAR read of the year ~ Mirette on the High Wire~ and also a summary post about the weeks we have done so far. 

Till next time!


  1. I've missed your posts! Can I just tell you how much I admire you? I love that you incorporate so much extra beyond "schoolwork" with your kids. It's very inspiring!

    1. By the way, are you no longer on IG? And you're not on FB either, right? I would love to hear more about how you maintain your social-media-free status!

  2. Hi! I did have IG, but dropped it a few months ago...I am actually planning to start up an account again soon, with a focus on our homeschooling day. I'll post here when/if I do! I am not on FB anymore, though I used to be. It's not so much that I am anti-social media, but just that I have enough trouble finding the time and energy to deal with my own life, and for some reason being exposed to the stream of what other people I know (or don't even really know) are doing/thinking drains me in a way reading blogs doesn't. I do get out of the loop about things, and that bothered me a bit at first, but now I figure if someone wants me to know something, they'll tell me some other way!


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