Sunday, September 4, 2016

September Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons... here are some plans and random thoughts for September

The puppers, last fall
Special Dates to Celebrate

*September 6th ~ First Day of Homeschool*

I have been hard at work the last few weeks pulling together plans for our new year. I hope to share lots about our homeschooling and how it's all going in the next few months. 

*September 16th ~ The Full Harvest Moon*

Fall full moons seem especially lovely, so I try to make a point of noticing them.

*September 22nd ~ First Day of Autumn*

We don't typically make a big deal of this day, but I do like to point it out to the kids and plan a seasonal dinner - a stew or chili, something nice for a cool night. I also try to plan a Sunday outing around this time to pick apples, have a picnic, buy chrysanthemums for the front porch, and maybe try a corn maze. These things get harder to fit in as the kids get older and busier, but I already have a proposed date penciled in on the calendar and I plan to guard it jealously. 

Things to Notice & Do This Month

  • Get back into a routine of school and activities (easier said than done!)
  • Pick apples and make a crisp, pie, and applesauce
  • Sort fall clothes and purchase any necessary new items
  • Begin planning Halloween costumes (some of my kids have already started)
  • Register for the National Mythology Exam
  • Take a fall hike
  • Have an outdoor picnic
  • Do art projects outside when possible - in fact, do as much schoolwork outside as possible!
  • Encourage the kids to choose a fall-theme poem for memory work
  • Pick the last tomatoes from the garden - we did not have a good tomato year, but there are still a few out there
  • Look for whirling maple seeds, fluffy milkweed pods, and acorns
  • Clean the woodstove and light the first fire
  • Put up fall decorations
  • Start lighting a candle at dinner again
  • Buy apple cider and cider donuts
  • Put the swimming pool to bed for the year
  • Plant spring bulbs

Happy September!

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  1. What nice plans! I still need to try those cider donuts!


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