Thursday, August 4, 2016

Third Grade Homeschool Plans: Realistically Simplified

As I seem to do every August, I have been taking a good look at my proposed homeschool plans and realizing that I really do need to simplify them, at least a bit. This summer has been extremely busy for all of us and the fall, while looking a bit quieter, is not exactly going to be easy street. The kids are heavily involved in extracurriculars right now, plus I have been doing some work from home, and the result is that I really do need to keep our homeschooling as streamlined as possible.

So I have been taking a hard look at what I planned to do versus what we realistically have time for, and I have made a few changes, starting with my third-grader Rose. Her original plans are here, and any changes/notes are below...

Language Arts

No changes here, just a couple of small tweaks.
  • Spelling Workout C - She'll use this, but I will not attempt to go through any more than one level per year.  The Well-Trained Mind recommends finishing this series by sixth grade, going through perhaps a book and a half per year.  At the rate of one book per year Rose will finish this series in eighth grade - which is recommended by the publisher and has the added benefit of being a good age to begin vocabulary study.
~ I do still plan to use the two writing programs, because I love how they complement each other. WWE focuses on dictation and narration, while Writing Strands focuses on writing assignments ~


No changes here. She will still use Teaching Textbooks 3, and I do still plan to read Life of Fred with her because she loves it, but I am willing to drop that if things get too busy. I will also still have her use Flashmaster for practicing her facts, because it is easy on me!

History, Geography, Literature

No changes. I still plan to use BookShark 2 and Five in a Row Volumes 2 & 3, picking and choosing from the FIAR titles, rather than trying to do every single one. 


I had planned to use BookShark Science, but have decided to try out Home Science Adventures this year. I like the idea of just doing science once or twice a week and focusing on hands-on, easy experiments. And the kit is supposed to have pretty much everything we need. I let Rose choose from the two Triple Sets offered, and she chose Astronomy, Birds, and Magnetism. I'll let you know how we like it!

Foreign Language

I had planned to do Song School Latin and La Clase Divertida with Rose, just for fun and a little exposure, but I am now planning to do no foreign language with her at all. She certainly doesn't need it at this age, and a more relaxed schedule will probably be just as much fun for both of us. I will  revisit languages for her around 5th or 6th grade. 

Art & Music

I  had a few things I was planning to do this  year, but the only one I'm sticking with is Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 2. I am brainstorming ways to fit classical music into our normal daily life, rather than making it yet another subject. 

I do feel a bit sad about cutting out some of the fun stuff I had planned, but I am already feeling relieved at our slightly less busier schedule. I am now in the process of tweaking everyone else's plans, and I'll post those changes and updates soon.

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  1. Simplification leaves so much more room for random interests and explorations, and your plans still look really solid!


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