Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tenth Grade Plans, Simplified

I think I am just about done going through everyone's homeschool plans for the year,with an eye to simplifying them as much as possible. I often plan for too much stuff, so this year I am trying to do better. I thought I had already posted Grace's plans here, but now I can't find them! So much for getting organized. So here are her simplified plans, and I'll just make notes about things I cut out.

Language Arts

Writing Strands Level 6 - She was also going to do The Creative Writer Level 2, but WS has plenty of creative assignments, so we decided it was plenty.

Vocabulary from Classical Roots D She started this last year, so I may have her start Level E if she finishes before year's end. 

Analytical Grammar's High School Review and Reinforcement - Grace is finished with all three levels of Analytical Grammar, so now she just needs to do a review sheet every two weeks. The review books come in several different themes; she is going to do American Authors.

Math & Logic

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 - The original plan was to have her finish up Life of Fred Advanced Algebra, then start the Geometry book. But her summer has not allowed that kind of time and she felt confused about some of the concepts. LOF has worked well for her up until now, but I think she needs something more straightforward ~ and I need something that grades for me so I can keep on top of things ~ so TT it is. 

The Thinking Toolbox - She'll do this one with her brother after we complete Fallacy Detective. 


BookShark American History 100  - She started this last year and will jump back in again around week 16. I am hoping another level will come out soon for her to use. We do not use the language arts component of the program; she uses the programs listed above instead.


Discovering Design Through Chemistry with lab kit - I considered doing Apologia (even though we are a secular homeschool), but the negative reviews of the revised edition made me wary. DDtC is written by Dr. Wiley, who wrote the original Apologia chemistry. I never really looked at Apologia, because I figured it just wouldn't work for us, but I really wanted something more open and go this year. I'll try to update on how this program is working out for us as the year progresses.

Foreign Language

Ouino Spanish  - I spent tons of time trying to find a decent Spanish program. Grace has completed the first two levels of Rosetta Stone, but had some frustrations towards the end. It is an immersion program, so nothing is explained in English and it felt like too much guessing and poking around in the dark for her. We are trying something new this year, and starting right from scratch to hopefully fill in any gaps in her knowledge.  I had her pick just one language to simplify things, so she won't be doing Latin this year.


Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book 1 - I was going to have her do Story of Art for an art history credit, but we're just going to stick with AP.

And that's it! I am hoping this year will feel a bit easier than last, with a little less going on. Our first day back will be the day after Labor Day.

Until next time!

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