Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sixth Grade Plans, Simplified

As I said in my last post, I have been going through my homeschool plans with an eye to simplifying our curriculum for the upcoming year. Here are my simplified plans for my sixth grader James (his original plans are here).

Language Arts

No changes here. He will use:

No changes. He will use:

History, Geography, Literature

No changes. He will use:

This is under debate. He was going to use BookShark Science 5, but he may do Home Science Adventures with his sister, which is my preference. The kits are recommended for grades K-8, but that is a pretty wide age range, so I am going to wait to look them over before deciding if they will work for him. I think it will probably be okay; I am fine with him having a "science-lite" year to help ease our workload. 

Foreign Language

James was going to finish up Latin for Children A, but we are going to break with that and have him just putter around with Duolingo French instead. I have always been a huge fan of Latin, but it takes up a lot of time with three different levels of it going, so I have decided to let the kids pick just *one* language they want to learn. Then, for my non-highschoolers, Duolingo will be our curriculum of choice. They can do it independently, there are no DVD lessons to watch, and no correcting! At this point, the goal is really just exposure, fun, and learning some vocab, so I am not concerned with fluency at all. I may rethink this later, but for now that is the plan.

Art & Music

He will still do Drawing Lab, but I am not going to attempt to do classical music as a "school" subject. 

So, nothing too drastic in the way of changes, just a few little tweaks that I hope will smooth our days a bit. I'll have tweaked plans for my eighth-grader up next. 

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