Friday, August 12, 2016

Eighth Grade Plans, Simplified

I have spent quite a bit of time lately going over my original plans for our upcoming homeschool year, with an eye to simplifying them as much as possible.Below are my slightly adjusted plans for my eighth-grader, Christopher. His original plans are here.

Language Arts

 He will use:

Math & Logic

No changes. He will use:


No changes. He will use:

I had stated he would use BookShark Science 7, but he has quite a bit of BookShark Science 6 left, so he will probably spend much of the year finishing that up.

Foreign Language

The original plan was to have him do Latin Alive, along with his older sister, but now he will just putter around with Duolingo Spanish a few times a week.  One major way I am simplifying this year is to let the three older kids choose ONE language to do.  I  have been doing a lot of research into various Spanish programs to find something that will work for my high-schooler (more on that soon!), and I know many people don't find Duolingo to be a complete program, but for now I just want them to have fun with their language, so I am not too worried about it. 


He will still do:
But I am not going to do art history or formal music appreciation with him (or any of the kids) this year. 

Okay - one more kiddo to go, my 10th grader, Grace. I'll share how we are streamlining her year in an upcoming post.

Till next time!

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