Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rowing Mrs. Katz and Tush {FIAR}

Rose and I are still working on wrapping up our Sonlight Core B readings (we are on week 35!), but we finished up FIAR for this school year last month. Our last FIAR row before summer break was Mrs. Katz and Tush. We kept this row pretty light, and I didn't do quite as much as I had hoped with the story, but here's what we did!

*Social Studies*
  • We discussed why Larnel's mother visits Mrs. Katz so often ~ she is a lonely widow with no children, and this was a way for them to be a good neighbor. We talked about other ways we can be good neighbors. 
  • We found Poland (where Mrs. Katz is from) on our globe. 
  • We talked about immigration, and where our ancestors came from. With more time, I would have done a simple family tree. 
*Language Arts*
  • The story begins with a picture of Mrs. Katz looking at a photo, but we can't see who it is. The manual suggested asking the student who they thought might be in the picture. Rose wasn't sure, so I offered her suggestions, such as her husband, or maybe Larnel himself. 
  • We learned lots of fun Yiddish words such as bubeleh, borscht, and kugel, using the manual's vocabulary section. 
  • We used ideas in the manual to help us notice and appreciate the wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns throughout the book. Lots of details to notice!
  • We flipped through the pages of our book just to admire the way the artist drew such realistic expressions on the faces of Mrs. Katz and Larnel. 
  • The manual suggested having the student compare their view out the window to Mrs. Katz's view, so we talked about that for a bit. There was a suggestion to draw your view, but she wasn't into that, so we skipped it. 

  • We counted the baked goods in the deli illustration - my favorite picture in the book! 
  • We discussed the math problem in the manual - how many grandchildren would Tush have if each of her four kittens had four kittens. We took it to great grandchildren, then great great grandchildren. 


  • I read her the sections in the manual about cats and cooking with yeast. I had planned to make a kugel with her, but we never got to it!

So that wraps up FIAR for us for a little while. I do plan to pick back up with volume 2 in September. We probably won't row every book in that volume, but I do plan to row these, time permitting:

  • Three Names
  • Wee Gillis
  • Owl Moon
  • Mirette on the High Wire
  • They Were Strong and Good
  • The Story of Ferdinand
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car
  • Miss Rumphius
  • The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
  • Harold and the Purple Crayon
  • Follow the Drinking Gourd
  • When I Was Young in the Mountains
  • Gramma's Walk

 I will probably skip these, because they aren't available through inter-library loan:

Babar, to Duet or Not to Duet
The Giraffe that Walked to Paris
Down Down the Mountain 

You can see the books we have already rowed from volume 2 and volume 1 here.

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