Monday, June 13, 2016

Sonlight Summer Readers 2016

I ordered Rose the elementary girls Sonlight summer readers and she has started reading through them. This year she is reading them on her own; last year I read them to her. Exciting, and of course a bit sad for me, all at the same time. But mostly just plain exciting.

 Here's a little peek at what was in her box. 

She has already read No Flying in the House and the Nancy Drew Clue Book (actually she read that last one three times). For a child that struggled and got quite frustrated at times when learning to read, she has really taken off. I often find her stretched out on her bed reading, usually when she is supposed to be cleaning her room. So she was quite pleased to get her box of shiny new books in the mail.

The plan is to finish up Sonlight Core B with her (we'll be starting week 33 this week) and then switch to summer reading mode, where I will read a bit to her each day from a book we decide on together. She has already decided that she wants me to read her summer readers to her after she finishes reading them to herself. I think she likes to check that she didn't miss anything. She has also been loving the Secrets of Droon series lately, and I have been spending some time each week hunting down the next one she needs in the series. I must say I am jealous of the sheer amount of time she has to read to herself each day - definitely one of the things I miss about being a kid!

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