Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons... here are some plans and random thoughts for May.

Special Dates to Celebrate

*Cinco de Mayo ~ May 5th*

We try to eat Mexican on this day and do it "fancier" or simpler depending what day of the week it falls on. This year will be a quick taco bar night because it falls on a busy day.

*The Kentucky Derby ~ May 7th*

Grace and Rose are big horse fans, so we plan to watch the race - yep all two minutes of it, with a side of (non-alcoholic) mint juleps. We will also watch the Preakness Stakes on May 21st. 

* Mother's Day ~ May 8th*

This is usually my day to pick something fun for everyone to do. This year though, it falls just two days before our big trip, so it's going to be a simple day at home. 

*The Full Flower Moon ~ May 21st* 

It's always nice to notice when the moon is full!

*Memorial Day ~ May 30th* 

Traditionally our first full cookout of the year. We may go to the lake to canoe if the weather is nice, also at some point over the holiday weekend we visit the cemetery to plant flowers on loved ones graves.

Things to Notice and Do This Month

  • Keep the hummingbird feeders full
  • Begin to work out a routine for summer learning and activities
  • Plant the garden - I'm keeping it simple this year, but I do want to get a few tomato plants in, and possibly some pumpkins
  • Enjoy the lilacs, which bloom early this month
  • Start mowing the lawn
  • Make a cake and decorate with edible violets
  • Stock a summer bag for the car - with things like sunscreen, bug spray, a picnic blanket, and a few toys
  • Hang up our American flag
  • Put up the screens on the sunporch
  • Buy a state park pass for summer fun
  • Purchase a few flowers to plant in beds - I like to get a few colorful annuals, a hanging basket, and maybe a new perennial or two
Happy May!

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