Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Posting has been slow lately - I apologize! Among other things....

We took the kids on a road trip around Arizona, which was fabulous! We visited Sedona, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon. So much fun.

"Life" is happening of course. The kids have colds, James twisted his ankle, my year-end assessments are due this week to the school board, there are holidays, and birthdays, and tons of little errands that have been popping up, I need to get the garden in and finish my homeschool plans for next year. We have been making lots of summer plans. We have a very busy summer ahead, and I am trying to figure out a way to wrap my brain around the sheer amount of driving I am going to be doing. Also, I need a bigger calendar.

I have been spending more time writing - and lately, I am actually getting paid for it! I have a little writing gig going on, writing for a newsletter. It is only a few hours a week, and I really enjoy doing it, but it does mean getting more organized.

We have been working on finishing up our school year. Just a few of the very many things that have been going on....

Grace and Christopher both did very well on the National Mythology Exam (she got silver, he got gold).

Grace got a perfect score on the National Latin Exam (yay!)

The kids finished up a few subjects, which is always nice. Everyone is done with spelling for the year, except James who should finish this week.

Rose also finished up Writing Strands and handwriting.

I hope to get posts about our latest Five in a Row doings up soon; we have rowed A New Coat for Anna and All Those Secrets of the World since I last posted. And of course, I will have my plans for Christopher's eighth grade and Grace's tenth grade year.

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  1. 10th grade! Yikes! At least I am feeling a little anxious about tenth grade being here already... Your trip looks like it was fantastic!

  2. I know! Where did the time go?? Seems like just yesterday we were debating whether to homeschool her for kindergarten - on the other hand it seems like eons ago.


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