Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Homeschool Update: Second Grade

I am just beginning to plan for our next year of homeschooling, so I have been checking in with last year's plans to see how we are doing so far. I have posted updates about my 9th grader7th grader, and my 5th grader, so on to my youngest! Rose is in 2nd grade this year. I have copied my plans from last year here; comments & updates are in italics.

  • Spelling Workout B & C - Rose finished SWO B and did several lessons from SWO C, but we've decided to save the rest of SWO C for third grade. 
  • First Language Lessons Level 2 - Finished last week!
  • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 2C - Plugging away
  • The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading - Finished!
  • Writing with Ease Level 1 (finish) & Level 2 - Level 1 is done; we're not quite halfway through Level 2. 
  • Writing Strands Level 2 - Almost done - just one exercise left to go.
  • Teaching Textbooks 3 - Plugging away; We cut down to 3 lessons per week to spend more time on multiplication facts. 
  • Life of Fred Butterflies & Cats - Finished! We also read Dogs and Edgewood. We'll pick up with Farming this fall. 
  • Sonlight Core B - This is going well; we just started week 24
  • Sonlight Core B Science - Also on week 24
  • Five in a Row - We have rowed many books from volume 1 (see them here) and have just begun volume 2. 
  • Classical Kids CD's - We haven't used these at all!
  • Mark Kistler's Draw3D and Artistic Pursuits Book 1 - We decided not to renew our Mark Kistler subscription, but she is steadily working through AP - she loves this program!
I am very happy with Rose's progress this year. Her reading has really taken off and we are well on our way to wrapping up for summer. I am almost finished with her third grade plans and will post them soon. You can see links to all of her second grade curriculum here

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