Monday, April 4, 2016

Rowing Madeline {FIAR}

Rose and I just finished rowing Madeline for Five in a Row. This is a short but sweet tale about a brave little girl who lives with eleven other girls in a orphanage in Paris.  Like most of our rows, we kept this one simple. Actually, we kept it so simple that I have almost no pictures for this row! We were coming off of a week of a stomach bug followed by Easter, so my standards were pretty low. It was fun anyway.

Here's what we did!

* Social Studies *

  • We found France on our map and located the Seine. This story takes place in Paris, and we had a brief discussion about why so many cities are located on rivers. 
  • We talked about compassion - the girls felt sad when they saw a soldier with an injured leg. We talked about how to help people when they are ill, hurt, or in the hospital. 
  • We talked about how many years ago the book was written - it was written in 1939!
  • We looked for historical items in the illustrations - a common theme lately with our FIAR books!

* Language Arts *

  • We discussed rhyme - there is plenty in this story. We also discussed repetition. The girls are often in "two straight lines" and Miss Clavel wakes up twice in the middle of the night "afraid of a disaster". 

  • We discussed Madeline's routine. The girls do things in the same order each day.
  • Madeline has to have her appendix out, so we looked up the location of the appendix in an anatomy book. 


  • As suggested in the manual, we looked at real street scenes in Paris (the FIAR Fold & Learn , which is free to subscribers of the FIAR blog, had some to use) and compared them to the illustrations in the book. It was neat to see an illustrated version of Notre Dame, then match it to a photograph. 
  • We discussed the variety of drawings - this book is interesting because some drawings are yellow, black and white, while others are full color. 

* Math* 

  • We practiced grouping and dividing with plastic frogs. First she put 12 frogs into two straight lines to represent the girls (6 in each group), then she put them into groups of 3, then groups of four. 

  • We discussed symmetry and asymmetry. Many times the girls are in their two straight lines (while walking, brushing their teeth, eating dinner) and other times they are in an asymmetrical grouping.

    An example of symmetry

    *More Fun*

    Madeline was our last book for volume 1 of FIAR. We will not be rowing Grandfather's Journey, The Rag Coat, Clown of God, or Who Owns the Sun? I am planning to skip a few books in each volume, so I have been focusing on books we own or can easily get, as well as books that are light-hearted. We do read about some sad and difficult things with Sonlight, and I am not against doing so, but FIAR is kind of the icing on our cake right now, so I prefer to keep it light and upbeat.

    Our first row from FIAR Volume 2 will be Make Way for Ducklings

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