Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Homeschool Update: Ninth Grade

I am just beginning to plan for our next year of homeschooling, so I thought I'd take a moment to check last year's plans and see how we're doing so far, starting with my oldest student.

Grace is in  9th grade this year. I have copied my plans from last year here; comments & updates are in italics.

Ninth Grade Plans (with comments)

  • Art of Argument  -  We finished this last month and have replaced it with Fallacy Detective alternating with Red Herring Mysteries.  
  • Life of Fred Advanced Algebra - She's still working through this. She spends about an hour on LOF, four days per week. I think she'll finish by summer, if not she'll finish it up over break. 
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots C & D - She finished Level C and is working through Level D. I like this program. It is a good, solid, easy to use vocab program. 
  • Analytical Grammar - She's down to just one exercise left, so I need to order one of AG's high school review books for her. I reviewed AG here
  • Writing Strands Level 5 - She is alternating this with the Creative Writer, so her progress is a bit slow. I am going to encourage her to finish this level this year though, so she can move on to a higher level for the fall. She doesn't always love the assignments, but I tell her to tweak them to suit her interests and that helps a lot. 
  • The Creative Writer Level 1 (finish) & possibly start Level 2 - She started Level 2 last month. 
  • Bookshark's World History 2, then BookShark's American History - She finished up BKSK World History 2 about a month ago and is now working through BKSK 8: American History. It's going well. I am reading this level also, and I have to say I am learning a ton. The map work is more than what she is used to, but we are going to stick with it for a few weeks and then modify assignments if necessary. 
  • Astronomy study...more info here - She has been alternating Wiley's Astronomy with books from her reading list. So far she has read The Book Nobody Read, Cosmos, The Magic of Reality, and Pale Blue Dot. We have done a terrible job on documentaries and actual observations, though! I think we have only had three observing nights all year. I don't have enough ambition to get out there and look for stuff - but I am going to try harder now that the weather is warming up. 
  • Latin Alive 2 - She's progressing through nicely and just took the National Latin Exam. 
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish - She's doing this, but I haven't been very careful to track her progress. She doesn't like the worksheets that go along with RS, so she has only been doing the computer work. I would like to find a more comprehensive program for the spring, because I'm not sure I can really count this as a full language credit the way she's doing it. Need to research this.  
  • Athenaze - She decided to shelve this shortly before Christmas.  I didn't argue, because three languages is a bit much, and Greek is not something I feel capable of helping her with. Brainstorming other options for this for next year, because it does interest her. 
  • Music Master's CD's - We haven't done this at all!
  • Mark Kistler Draw 3D alternated with Artistic Pursuits Middle School Book 2 - We didn't renew our Mark Kistler subscription because the kids felt they had gotten everything out of it that they could. Grace has been doing the Artistic Pursuits book all year though, and has made some truly wonderful art. 
So, all in all, Grace's year is wrapping up nicely. My biggest failing has been in the science area - I just haven't been getting it together to do the observing, and fitting in documentaries has been difficult. We also have not done any picture or composer study, so I am going to try to be better about that this spring.   I have a page here with links to all of the curriculum she is using this year. 

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