Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rowing Katy and the Big Snow {FIAR}

Rose and I finished rowing Katy and the Big Snow,  just in time for spring! The weather has really been warming up, so I was anxious to stop reading about snow! This was a fun book, though. It's about Katy, a very versatile and hardworking red tractor, and how she helps out the city of Geoppolis during a big snowstorm. 

Here's what we did!

*Social Studies*

  • We studied the map of the city of Geoppolis in the book. All around the border are numbered illustrations that match the numbers on the map. She spent a few minutes finding each important place in the city. 

  • We talked about the name "Geoppolis" and what it means. "geo" means "Earth" and "polis" means city. 
  • She made a map of an imaginary town of her own. 

  • We talked about Katy's many responsibilities. She keeps the roads clear in winter, allowing other people (firefighters, medical personnel, police) to do their jobs well. 
  • We studied the street sign border on one of the pages, then she took a traffic sign quiz. Later, on the way to gymnastics, she and her brother played street sign bingo. They both LOVED this and it came along with us a couple of days that week. 

*Language Arts*

  • After reading the book a couple of times, I asked her to remember as many things as she could about Katy from page one of the book. Lots of facts are listed here, among them: she is red, runs by diesel engine, and has a bulldozer and snowplow. 
  • We talked about personification, because Katy has so many human qualities. She is described as a hard worker, and her headlights even look like eyes!

  • We discussed the vocabulary words from the manual. She knew many of them already, but she wasn't familiar with  "water main" or "three-alarm fire". 


  • We talked about how the illustrations also personify Katy...the action lines and speech bubbles show how hardworking she is. 

  • Rose tried her hand at a personification illustration: she drew a smiling teapot. 

*Math and Science*

  • Rose practiced putting a bunch of counters into groups of five, then counted by fives to find the total. This was good multiplication practice for her!

  • We measured the snowfall amounts in the book (four feet!) against the wall, so she could see how high the snow got. 

That's an awful lot of snow!

*More Fun*

  • To cap off this row, we made the meringue cookies from the FIAR cookbook. Rose adores meringue, so she was very excited to make these. The recipe is simple enough to mix up in just a few minutes, and the fun part is that you turn off the oven once you put them in and leave them overnight. 

In the morning, we had perfect little snowballs that were so good - we will definitely be making these again!

We are finishing up our row of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, so that will be my next FIAR post.


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