Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Musings

For the week of March 28th...

A few plans for this week

Mostly, this week is all about getting back into a routine (I hope) after a week filled with the stomach bug, a birthday, and Easter. I am hoping for a stretch of relatively quiet, routine days! We'll be celebebrating April Fool's Day on the first with a few tricks and a fun dinner. We'll also continue to celebrate James' birthday with a party postponed from last week. 

Homeschool notes

I am hoping for a productive week. I want to start finishing up a few things. Grace finished grammar for the year last week ~ she has been doing Analytical Grammar ~ so I need to order her a review book to use occasionally for the rest of the year. Rose has been ahead on spelling all year, so I may have her just finish out the unit she is working on and then set it aside. I find that if we can finish a few things, there is a bit of a snowball effect - we have more time to work on other things and finish them up. And I do really love finishing things. 

Out of doors

I was able to start in on some yard work, but there is still plenty left to do and not much time to do it in. We have daffodils coming up here and there and the garlic is coming up nicely too.

In the kitchen 

After a week of very little cooking (besides heating up soup!) it was strange to be back in the kitchen making Easter dinner, but I am looking forward to a week of regular dinners. Grace made a fabulous bunny cake for our Easter celebration. 

Watching, reading, crafting

I am currently reading another Agatha Christie book. I got a lot of reading done while being sick and I read three Agatha Christie books in a row because that's all I felt like reading! We also watched pretty much every Star Wars and Harry Potter movie we own, a documentary on Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and Men in Black with the kids. Without the kids, we watched pretty much nothing, but we are about to start The White Queen. We did get a bit of Easter crafting in. The kids made "Peep Houses" and we tried some Epsom salt eggs - just brush glue on a plastic egg and roll in Epsom salt. 

I love how they came out! Well, that's all for now. Have a wonderful week!

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