Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons... here are some plans and random thoughts for March.

Special Dates to Celebrate

March 13th ~ Daylight Savings

Today we get to "spring" our clocks forward an will still be daylight at dinner time!

*March 14th ~ National Pi Day *

We celebrate Pi Day by eating pie and talking about Pi. Some years we make a pie, other years we pick one up on the way home.

*March 17th ~ St. Patrick's Day *

We are not Irish, but we like to wear green today anyway. The kids set out a leprechaun trap Grace made years ago and a foolish leprechaun usually drops some gold (chocolate) inside.  We always have bagels for breakfast, with green cream cheese (one of the few times I use food coloring!). We try to eat something vaguely Irish for dinner, along with Irish soda bread and shamrock shakes. Sometimes on the weekend closest, Dad makes corned beef and cabbage for the kids who like it. 

*March 20th ~ First Day of Spring *

*March 23rd ~ The Full Sap Moon *

*March 27th ~ Easter *

We have a few fun Easter traditions. I like to come up with a craft or two to do the week before. We start our "living Easter baskets" two weeks before by planting grass seed in colorful tubs that will later serve as Easter baskets. We color eggs, make hot cross buns, and watch Hop on Easter Eve. We do an egg hunt indoors and out on Easter morning, eat hot cross buns and boiled eggs for breakfast, and the kids each get a basket with candy and a few fun surprises. Then we head off to visit family. 

 James turns 11 this month, so we'll be celebrating that. We also celebrate our dog's birthday this month. The kids like to make him a dog food "cake" and buy him a new toy for his big day. 

Things to Notice & Do This Month
  • Drink Irish coffee
  • Continue making maple syrup 
  • Easter planning - outfits, crafts, shop for basket treats
  • Buy pansies 
  • Pick up an Easter lily for the dining table
  • Take the National Latin Exam (Grace)
  • Start planning for next year's homeschooling
  • Take a trip to a local flower show
  • Watch for the first crocus in the garden
  • Organize summer activities - camps, classes, practices
  • Notice the wind
  • Watch for the forsythia to turn yellow
  • Look for skunk cabbage by the brook
  • Begin yard work once mud season is over

Happy March!

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