Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons... here are some plans and random thoughts for April.

Ducks love April

Special Dates to Celebrate

*April 1st ~ April Fool's Day*

The kids like to come up with a trick or two to play on their Dad, and he and I come up with a trick or two to play on them. We always have meatloaf "sundaes" for dinner (meatloaf "brownies" baked in a muffin tin topped with mashed potato "ice cream" and cherry tomato "cherries". Dessert is usually "fried eggs" - a mound of whipped cream topped with a peach half. 

*The Full Pink Moon ~ April 2nd*

It's always nice to notice when the moon is full!

* The Boston Marathon ~ April 18th*

We always have a light day of school to watch the Marathon. We keep the television on for the whole thing, and the kids filter in and out to check on the progress of the race. They also do some of their work in front of the television - a special treat. 

*Arbor Day ~ April 29th*

This year, I plan to celebrate Arbor Day Mrs. Sharp-style - one Saturday before or after will be designated for yard clean-up. Everyone will get a new pair of gardening gloves and help tidy the yard. And because I don't expect this to be terribly exciting to the kids, I am planning to bribe them with the first ice cream outing of the season.  Mrs. Sharp also suggests planting something together - we may do that if time allows. 

Things to Notice and Do This Month

  • The days are getting warmer! I love doing schoolwork outside when possible
  • Enjoy the rain
  • Listen for spring peepers in the evening
  • Continue planning for next year's homeschooling
  • Start wrapping up some of this year's subjects
  • Watch for the first butterflies on warm days
  • Clean out the garden
  • The first dandelions appear
  • The grass starts greening up
  • Time to start tick & flea treatments for our furry friends
  • Chives are up in the garden
  • We might have some rhubarb by month's end
  • Put out outdoor furniture
  • Tune up bikes/put air in tires
  • Start hiking again - I would love to go weekly, but we'll see
  • Clean and hang hummingbird feeders
  • Do the taxes!
  • Plant radishes
  • Clean up houseplants - rinse dusty foliage, trim as  necessary
Happy April!

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