Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Musings

For the week of February 29th...

A few plans for this week

Celebrating Leap Day by making a time capsule to be opened next Leap Day. Taking Rose to the orthodontist (for a lip bumper) and to the dentist (to get three teeth extracted). It's going to be a busy dental week around here! Other than that, it's the usual line-up of activities, plus competition weekend for James at the rock gym. I also hope to start planning a bit for Easter, including picking up supplies for our living Easter baskets

Homeschool notes

Grace will prep for the National Latin Exam, to be taken next week. She also starts Book Shark American History 8 in earnest this week. I am trying to read this level also, so I can better discuss the books with her, but finding time to do so is a bit of a challenge! Rose and I hope to finish our row of Katy and the Big Snow. I am ready to move onto something more "springy"! Rose has started in on Book Shark's second grade readers and is very much enjoying them. 

Out of doors

We have gotten about a gallon of maple syrup from our trees so far, and we're hoping for  more this week. I'd like to get at least 2 gallons in the freezer, which is what we went through last year. 

In the kitchen 

I hope to make meringue cookies with Rose for FIAR and try out a new slow cooker recipe - for teriyaki chicken. I have been a bit lazy lately about my slow cooker goal... I keep falling into the rut of making the same things again and again. The kids still have their weekly cooking night: this week the boys are making meatball subs, and Grace is making sloppy joes. 

Watching, reading, crafting

I am currently reading Up in the Air from my book pile. I finished Wave, which I thought  was very good (but obviously, very sad). Christopher and I have been reading Ender's Game for our nighttime reading together. I want to try to get a spring book basket set up this week. What else? The kids and I finished up Earth: The Biography (I highly recommend this series) and we are now watching Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days. We have only watched one episode so far, but I think we are really going to enjoy it. Without the kids, we are trying to finish up Grantchester before it returns to television. I have been working on a little cross stitch project while Rose does math each day, because she likes for me to sit beside her.

It's going to be a rain-boot when it's finished: very appropriate for spring, I think. 

Posts I am working on

A review of Spelling Workout B (still!), March plans, and a new slow cooker post.  

Two fun things

First syrup of the season!

A trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum - what a gorgeous courtyard they have! My kids (the boys especially)  aren't big art museum fans, but they were good sports and went along. I would really like to try to visit more museums with them in the coming months. 

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your time capsule sounds so fun! What are you putting in it?

    1. We kept it pretty simple. Two of the kids wrote notes to each other, we put in a receipt from a shopping trip, a spare set of keys to a car we had to "retire" this year, some origami Grace made, a Valentine card with photos of cousins, some foreign currency from a trip we took last year...basically the kids just looked through drawers for stuff we don't really need but might find interesting four years from now.

  2. I love the idea of your time capsule! I hadn't even thought of how to celebrate. I am interested in your review of Spelling Workout, specially how helpful you found the teacher's guide if you used it at all.

    1. Beth, I didn't use the teacher's guide for SWO ...I don't think I even knew there *was* a teacher's guide, so I didn't consider buying it until after I was used to going without. I am hoping to get my review up this week!


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