Monday, February 22, 2016

Midwinter Box Day

We had a fun midwinter box day recently. At least, I thought it was fun. Getting a box of shiny new books in the mail is one of my very favorite things. Grace is going to finish up Book Shark World History 2 this week, so I ordered Book Shark American History for her. I did not order a package from BKSK because I had some of the books on hand already, so not all of her books are shown here. I also have some books for Rose and James in the pile. And a new set of Prismacolor pencils, a bit of a splurge, but we love these so much and most of our previous set has been reduced to stubs.

BKSK doesn't have any levels above American History or "Grade 8" yet. According to their website, they plan to release 9th grade this year, and then one level per year after that, which is perfect for us. Grace did BKSK World History 2 at double-pace because the reading was too easy for her (she's in 9th grade this year). I am not sure if she will continue at that pace with this level; I need to sit down and look it over with her.  For this level, there are separate teacher and student guides, so I am curious to see how that will work.

For Rose, I ordered BKSK's second grade readers (the ones we don't already own). Her reading has really taken off, so I think they might be a bit easy for her. But  I still want to go through them, to help build her confidence and make sure all of our bases are covered. We are still finishing up the first grade readers, but should be ready to start on these in a few weeks. Not shown are the books we already own, but you can see the full list here.

Scattered in the pile are a few books for James to use next year, when he studies BKSK's Eastern Hemisphere. I ordered them early, so I could reach the amount needed for free shipping! I have Sonlight's Core F, but I plan to switch to BKSK's version for James and Rose. Luckily many of the title overlap, so there won't be much to buy. Also in the pile is The Creative Writer, Level Two, which Grace will start soon.

Joy Hakim's A History of US is the spine for Grace's American History. I have heard a lot about this series over the years, so I am curious to see how she likes it.

 Grace, Christopher, and I finished up The Art of Argument much quicker than I thought we would, so I ordered The Fallacy Detective. It is a much simpler text than AoA, but I think it will serve us well for a nice, light review. I'm sure I'll have more detailed thoughts on this book later, but for now, we are enjoying it.

I must be off, but I have a few posts in the works - another Homeschool Moments post, a post about our March plans, and reviews of Spelling Workout B and Vocabulary from Classical Roots - so I am sure I'll be back soon.

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  1. I am seriously considering 8th grade bookshark. Any further thoughts on this?

  2. We are only finishing up week 1, but so far, so good. It is definitely more "in-depth" than the previous levels, but in a good way. Lots of notes and extra information in both the instructor and student guides, and more discussion questions too. I like having the separate student & instructor guides for our discussion time.

    I have been reading this level along with her. The current readings are from Before Columbus, The Story of US, and Children of the Long House. The last two seem a bit young for the level, but BKSK does say that the Hakim series increases in reading level over time and there are more challenging literature selections ahead, so I think it's going to work out well.

    We are not using the LA portion so far. It takes Grace about an hour a day to do the readings and another 30-45 minutes to add dates to her timeline, do the mapwork, and discuss with me. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help!


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