Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Homeschool Moments

Just a few moments and musings from our last week of homeschooling....

Rose and I finished up Life of Fred Dogs. During one of her last lessons, she was asked to make a bar graph showing how much weight people gained compared to how many pies they ate during certain months.

We tapped our sugar maple trees and began making syrup. Last year both boys wanted to help so they could use the drill, this year only Grace wanted to help do the actual tapping. Everyone helps with the boiling though, otherwise I could never get it done. On boiling days, Dad starts the sap boiling before leaving for work (we use an old camp stove), and during the day we all take turns adding, stirring, and checking on it. Plus, the kids are responsible for checking the buckets each day and emptying them into a larger storage container.

Our first two jars of syrup!

Rose reviewed capitalization rules in First Language Lessons Level 2. We are way ahead in this book, which makes me pleased. It's nice to be ahead in something for a change!

Also in FLL 2, Rose has been learning about prepositions. She had a neat activity recently which involved setting the table while practicing prepositions. So she put the plate on the table, the knife beside the plate, the napkin under the fork, etc.. Fun!

Rose has been dutifully practicing her addition facts using her Flashmaster. I cannot say she loves doing this, but it is definitely helping her cement those facts. 

James is chugging along in Junior Analytical Grammar. He studied helping verbs last week, and this week we started the last unit in the book. This subject has been a struggle for us all year, and I will be glad to move onto JAG Mechanics, which I hope will be more palatable for him.

Rose and I started our next row....

And she read a new reader to me.

James is supposed to memorize a speech for BookShark American History 2. He chose the Gettysburg Address, but he has convinced himself it is impossible to memorize. I am planning to do just what BKSK suggests: read it aloud to him twice a day for several weeks. If he doesn't have it memorized by then, I figure he'll at least be very familiar with it.

Some read-alouds I am doing with my older three...

For Artistic Pursuits this week, Rose and I looked at Paul Signac's Entree Du Port de Marseilles.

Then she tried mixing colors with watercolor crayons. She tried putting down a layer of yellow, topped it with a layer of blue, then brushed water on to make green. She also tried yellow with red and red with blue.

Christopher experimented with separating mixtures for BKSK Science 6. He made mixed salt and sand together in a jar, then poured in boiling water. He filtered the mixture (using a coffee filter) into a second jar. The sand and gravel caught in the filter, but the salt dissolved into the water and came through the filter.

We certainly had our share of struggles last week - I think some of the kids have early spring fever, because the distractibility level around here has gone through the roof! But we keep plugging along, and I am pretty happy with our progress.

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  1. I love all that you have going on -- your homeschooling always seems to have such a good balance between books and hands-on!


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