Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Homeschool Moments

 I said Monday that I was going to try to take more photos this week and do an end-of-the-week homeschool highlights post. Then, I realized that I already had a few photos from the last week or so that I never posted. I also realized that the reason my intended Friday wrap-up post never happens is that it's just hard in general for me to get a Friday post up.  I think I will settle for more sporadic "homeschool moments" posts, at least for now.

So - Here are a few moments I captured from our last week of homeschooling...

Rose did an experiment for Sonlight Science B to demonstrate the surface tension of water. She filled a glass with water right up to the brim, then dropped in pennies one by one to make the water rise above the rim of the glass. Neat!

Vocabulary from Classical Roots - D,  all set out and ready for Grace to start. I thought this was the last in the series (she previously completed A-C), but I just found out there is an E level. Not sure yet if I will have her complete that level, but I'll have a review on this series soon!

We had a little snowstorm while Rose and I were rowing Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Perfect!

Christopher did an experiment from BookShark Science 6. He boiled some red cabbage until he got this pretty purple juice, which makes a good indicator base.

Then, he tried all kinds of different things- vinegar, bleach, washing soda, soap flakes, and baking soda, to see what would happen. This was pretty exciting, and we had everyone out in the kitchen watching at one point.

Once, the juice turned bright purple and started fizzing.

Another time it turned this kind of nasty greenish-brown color. The color change indicates whether the material being added is acidic or alkaline.

 He had a lot of fun with this! The experiment is from the book he is currently reading for Book Shark Science 6, What's Science All About? I haven't actually gotten a chance to sit down and look through that book myself, but it is always the first thing he chooses to read from his list, which is always a good sign. It's out of print apparently, but available from Book Shark.

I picked up a few inexpensive canvases for a little art day treat (and because I had a FIAR project in mind). This is Christopher's snowflake. Rose made something similar for our row of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening; I'll share her project and how she did it when I post about our row.

Rose finished Spelling Workout B!  She was so excited as she got towards the end that she wanted to do several pages in one day to finish it up.

Yay for finishing books! We are waiting for book C to come in the mail.

Rose did an experiment from Sonlight Science B to see how quickly water would evaporate from a dish. She drew a line with marker, so she could keep track of how much liquid there was to begin with.

She checked each day, and a couple of days later all the water was gone. I kind of wish she'd picked another dye color - it looks kind of gruesome.

Also in Sonlight Science B, we have been reading about strange creatures that live in the sea, and Rose designed a fantasy sea monster, called the "Snapperfish".

That was fun to look back on, and I hope to get another "homeschool moments" post up next week. Thanks for stopping by:)

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