Friday, February 26, 2016

A Day in the Life

Inspired by all the awesome day in the life posts here.

A Typical (but not exactly typical) Tuesday

6:40 a.m. -  I get up 20 minutes later than my goal, because I slept through my alarm. There won't be time for my usual walk with my husband and our two dogs, so I make myself get on the exercise bike for 20 minutes instead. I can read while I bike, which is nice. I do a few stretches, then hop in the shower. Meanwhile, DH gets the woodstove going, tends to our outdoor animals (chickens, ducks, and goats), does the dishwasher, and let the dogs out.

7:30 - I pick up the bedroom and remind the kids to head downstairs.  They are up, but puttering around. We have leftover pancakes from the weekend, so we reheat those. I also make myself an enormous mug of tea.

8:00 - Kids are off doing chores, while I nag them occasionally and do my own. They pick up their rooms and feed the pets, while I sweep, get the laundry going, do a general pickup, and wipe down the bathrooms. Before he leaves for work, DH washes a bunch of dishes and generally straightens up the kitchen, which is always a disaster after breakfast.  Our dishwasher is currently broken - so kitchen cleanup has been taking longer - but I can't stand to begin the homeschool day with a stack of dirty dishes! DH also gets the sap boiling outside - we are currently tapping our sugar maple trees.

8:30 - I remind my younger ones to brush their teeth, then I sharpen some pencils and get out our work crates. I start working with Rose; everyone else works on their independent lists. Grace usually starts her day with CNN Student News. Rose and I do language arts first. Today she gets a bit whiny about copywork. I suggest she go upstairs and rest for awhile, but she decides she can do it after all. For Writing with Ease I read a passage from Ginger Pye, which lifts her spirits.  After some spelling and grammar, I read a chapter of Life of Fred Edgewood.  Rose works on reviewing some multiplication facts with her Flashmaster, then she does her Teaching Textbooks lesson. I sit with her for a bit, then I switch the laundry over, put the kettle on for tea, and refill the wood stove. Then I get out my cross-stitch project and work on it next to her while she finishes.

10:00 - Snack time. Today most of the kids are having bagels with cream cheese and jelly. We also have tea. I have some fruit and cheese. I give James his Writing with Ease assignment to read while he eats,  then I help him summarize it, write down his summary, and dictate one of his sentences to him. Grace and Christopher quiz each other for the National Mythology Exam, which they'll be taking tomorrow. Rose eats her snack and takes First Language Lessons into the living room to study the preposition list we learned today (her choice). I set James up with grammar, then run out to check the sap. When I get back in, I start getting ready for the orthodontist appointment James and Rose have today. I send Rose off to brush and floss. Our dog takes off with the neighbor dogs up the road and I have to call him back. I notice we have a Book Shark box on the porch - our Book Shark binders have been delivered. I send James off to brush and floss while I read Rose's science to her.

11:00 - We leave for the orthodontist, leaving Grace and Christopher in charge of the puppy, the boiling sap, and their work. James brings along his spelling to do in the car; Rose brings the Flashmaster to practice her facts again. We find out that James doesn't need to come back for six months, but that Rose needs three teeth extracted and a lip bumper put in...and they want to do it all next week. I was not expecting that! But she is thrilled - she wants braces like big sis. She gets some separator bands put in to make space for the lip bumper, and a warning that her mouth might be tender for a couple of days. I call home and ask Grace to get some lunch going.

1:00 - We are finally home. Grace made some Trader Joe's spaghetti-o's and cut up some fruit. Usually I do logic while we eat, but today we just eat. The kids take turns going out to do various farm animal chores while the rest of us get lunch picked up (I really miss that dishwasher!). Today this feels a little chaotic, because I also need to get the slow cooker going, plus make some popsicles for Rose's sore teeth. I have Christopher pour some juice into molds and pop them in the freezer, while Grace helps me prep the chicken. Then I check on the sap again, stirring it, and adding more to the boiling pan.

2:00 -  I read aloud to James while everyone else does some independent work, then we rush to get ready to go out again. The kids pack up for various sports and take the puppy out.  I shut off the heat under the sap, pack some things to do while I'm waiting, and try to get the house picked up a bit.

3:15- We head out. First we drop Rose off at gymnastics, where she'll practice for 2 hours. The rest of us go to pick up our farm share - more root vegetables! The boys complain about having to run errands. They would rather just sit in the car and wait. We head to the hardware store to buy suet for the birds and a pair of safety glasses for science experiments, then go to the free vacuums and vacuum the car.  DH meets us there and takes the kids over to the rock climbing gym, where they climb together most Tuesdays. I go buy some mint chocolate chip ice cream (Rose's request).  I get back to the car and quickly scan through emails on my phone, just to make sure there is nothing I need to deal with; I don't have much computer time on Tuesdays.

5:30 - I am back to pick up Rose, but I have a few minutes so I start putting together my Book Shark binder. Grace is ready to start BKSK 8, and I brought the binder materials with me. Then I go in to watch practice for a few minutes and chat with some of the other parents about the crazy summer schedule - Rose's group is supposed to practice 15 hours a week this summer!

6:00 - Rose and I head home. She chatters all the way about various things that happened at practice and what her summer schedule will be like. We have a 25 minute ride home.

6:30 - We're back about 30 minutes before the rest of the family. Rose takes the puppy out while I bring everything in from the car, then we put everything away. I shred the chicken and leave it in the slow cooker to soak up the sauce, while Rose puts tortilla chips on a pan (we're making chicken nachos). Her teeth are sore, so she has one of the pops we made earlier and watches an episode of Ninjago.  I deal with the wood stove, put away the vegetables, and finish prepping dinner. There is also laundry to be finished, as always. The library calls to say a book we requested is in, so I make a note in my planner to pick it up.

7:15 - Dinner time. We talk about our day, then clean up and have some ice cream and leftover pie from yesterday. The kids head off to brush teeth, we do read-alouds, take the puppy out, and check the sap again (DH will shut it off right before bed and we'll start boiling again tomorrow). I do a quick tidy of the downstairs.

9:00 - Kids are finally in bed (or at least in their rooms), so we watch an episode of Grantchester.

9:45 - I take a quick shower (I find it really helps me relax), then head to bed for a bit of reading. I try to shut the light out by 10:30.

This was a pretty typical Tuesday for us, except for the orthodontist appointment (which meant I didn't read aloud nearly as much as I normally do).  Someday I hope to do another of these posts; it was kind of neat to see just how much happens in one day!


  1. That was a very full day! I know what it's like to live without a dishwasher. Not much fun! Thanks for sharing your day. It's fun to read how others homeschool.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting. The dishwasher is fixed now and it is surprising how much more time we have each day to get things done!

    1. Glad it's fixed. We lived in Peru for a time and of course had no dishwasher there, but not only that, but we had to boil water sometimes to have hot water to wash the dishes. It was definitely more time consuming!

  3. Here from the Simple Homeschool linkup. Wow, that is an amazing amount you get done in a day! We don't have a dishwasher, and while most of the time I don't miss it, there are definitely days when I do. :)

  4. When ours broke, I told my husband we could probably do without one, but after a few days I caved. I think my kids create a ton of dishes though - they are certainly not efficient dish users!


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