Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Six Flags Read to Suceed

We have been participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program for several years. It is a super easy way to get a free Six Flags ticket for your child, and to encourage them to read a little more as well. You just sign up on their website - homeschoolers are welcome - and print out a student reading log like this one.

I haven't completely filled Rose's in yet, but she was excited to start logging her hours, so I have been helping her with that part. She only needs to read for six hours by March 1st. They ask that you don't count school books, but any other kind of reading...including comic books and read-alouds, can count toward the six hours.

 Rose was happy to hear that comic books count, because lately she has been loving the Amulet series. She likes to use a timer to track her reading; I think she feels it's more professional;). It also makes it easier for me to help her track her reading; when she's ready to record something on her log, she just shows me the timer.  Our car rides lately often end with the beep of her timer pausing.

On her reading log we record the date, what she read, and for how long.  When she finishes her log, I will enter her hours read on the website - and that's all there is to it. We used to have to mail the logs in, but lately they haven't been asking for them, so I just keep them for our records. Sometime in the spring we should receive our free tickets through email. James is also participating this year, though he hasn't started his log yet ~ gotta remind him about that. Unfortunately,  my older two are too old, since this program is only for grades K-6.  But teachers (in this case me!) get a free ticket too, so that's still three of us getting in for free. The tickets are good for most of the summer, at least at our Six Flags.

I don't think I would have started going to Six Flags if I hadn't found this program because it is just so pricey, especially for a larger family. But between this program and AAA discounts on tickets, it is manageable for us to go once a year, and the kids really look forward to it. Myself, I am not so much into rides....especially spinning rides...ugh! But it is fun to watch them having fun, and I can usually make myself go on at least one roller coaster, even if I do embarrass the kids by screaming.

Another program we are participating in this year is the National Mythology Exam, and I am planning a post on how my older two are preparing for that.

Till next time!

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