Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Book Pile (and hopefully a smoother week ahead)

We had a fairly decent first week back to homeschooling, after a bit of a rocky start. No one - including me - really felt ready to get back into a routine.  It is always tough for me to find my groove after the holidays, so I did grumble a bit (mostly in my head), but once we got started I remembered that I actually do like homeschooling and our "old" routine. It took my boys most of the week to stop their grumbling...and the only reason I didn't hear it on Friday is because Friday is for art projects and a documentary, instead of math and grammar. I expected it to be rough-going though, and somehow, going into it with that perspective made it manageable. 

Friday, my younger three did a fun lesson on form from Artistic Pursuits. The object of the lesson was to imitate an Audubon bird painting. The print was reproduced in the manual, but I have a beautiful old set of Audubon picture cards inherited from my grandfather, so I had them each pick one to copy. They spent quite a bit of time on this.

 Grace did the next lesson from the Artistic Pursuits pastels book. I am going to have to figure out a way to display all of the artwork the kids are making this year.

On Friday we also started watching Earth: The Biography (we watched the volcano episode).  We had been watching a Lewis and Clark documentary before the holidays, but when I suggested to the kids that we finish that up, James pointed out that it is mostly just "music and sunsets". I had to agree that it is not the flashiest documentary out there! So that one is going back to Netflix, but Earth is a hit so far.

In other news, I just finished my first book of 2016. So I thought I'd share a photo of my current book pile.

Since I took this photo I finished If I Fall, If I Die. I really enjoyed the first half of this book.  It's a story about a son living with a mother who is afraid to go outside, and what happens when he gets brave enough to go out into the world by himself. But the second half went off on a tangent that felt odd and disjointed to me, though I did like the characters enough to finish it.

Also in my book pile:

The Dog Stars
The Bone Clocks
In a Dark, Dark Wood
The Miniaturist

I am currently reading The Dog Stars, and enjoying it so far. Last year I set up an account on Goodreads, but never really used it. This year I am planning to track my reading progress there, as well as here on the blog.  I love that you can rate books on Goodreads to get recommendations, track your reading progress, and keep a reading list... all in one place. I have been bookmarking books I want to read, but my list is getting a bit long to have in my bookmarks folder.

Well, I must be off, but I'll be back soon. Hoping for a smooth week ahead, for you and for me ;).

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