Monday, December 28, 2015

Very Merry (and Busy)

The days following Christmas have always been some of my very favorite of the year. No more stress about getting ready, nothing much to do, activities on hold, and a husband off work usually means several days of hanging around the house relaxing. But we are a little bit busier this week than in years past, so things haven't been unfolding quite as I envisioned. The kids' activities are lighter (but not entirely pausing as in years past), and Grace is participating in her very first horse show this week. We are also trying to buy a new (to us) car, which has meant a lot of phone calls, test drives, visits to dealerships etc....all this to say that this week is not going to be quite as lazy and quiet as I anticipated.

I'm a little disappointed, to be honest, but mostly I am trying to seize quiet moments here and there to do something fun and/or relaxing. We aren't homeschooling this week, and I am trying to keep chores to a minimum.  I want to bake muffins and get the kids to play Monopoly, or some other really long game. I bought a few new games today to play in the snowstorm tomorrow...or what we are really hoping we'll be a snowstorm and not just rain. I want to cross-stitch, work on my new blanket, and read some wintry books with Rose. I want to watch some movies and a documentary or two, plan our New Year's Eve, and figure out how to get Rosetta Stone working again. Nothing too lofty.  We'll see.

A few pictures from days past....

Grace made these seriously cute snowmen out of socks filled with rice. We have several lined up on the mantel, and I think they'll stay there all winter.

She made a whole little gang of them to give as gifts.

We tried Pioneer Woman's christmas cherries one day. They were pretty good (and very pretty), but not my favorite cookie. I don't think I'm much of a candied cherry person.

 The kids couldn't wait to put their gifts under the tree, so we had gifts there for about a week before Christmas. Miraculously, the puppy wasn't interested in them.

A couple of days before Christmas I remembered that I had gotten supplies to make a pompom wreath, so I set to working on it here and there and finished it Christmas Eve. Mine looks way puffier than The Paper Mama's, but it is seriously soft and it was fun to make. I might leave it up until Valentine's Day. It looks kind of New Year-ish to me.

We made sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, per tradition. I might halve the recipe next year, because we always end up with so many that people get sick of decorating them (and eating them).

Grace had the idea of making up a drink menu for our Christmas gathering, and she put quite a lot of work into designing one. We had margaritas and grinches for the adults and Shirley Temples for the kids.

The last of our amaryllis are blooming in the window.

And it's just a few days left till the New Year! I am working on a January memory-making post to follow December's and will have that up soon.

Enjoy your week!

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