Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seven Things in December

1. We received a fun package this week.


I try to add a book or two to our Christmas picture book collection each year. I am painfully aware that my days of having a picture-book loving child in the house are numbered, so it was especially important for me to add a few this year. I chose the The Carpenter's Gift and Christmas Trolls. The first is a lovely story about the Rockefeller Christmas tree, which we learned is donated to Habitat for Humanity after Christmas. The second is a fun, classic Jan Brett story - Rose is a big Jan Brett fan. We also received three little stained glass coloring books - Rose loves these little books and requested that I find more.  I ordered them from Barnes and Noble because they seemed to have the best selection - just search for "Christmas stained glass coloring book" on the B&N website. I believe Rainbow Resource also carries them. They are inexpensive and fun. Plus, they look nice in the window.

2. I am slowly cross-stitching again. 

I am such a slow crafter these days, but I tell myself over our break I'll have a bit more time - maybe. I am planning to work my way through Country Living's cross-stich patterns one at a time, starting with this apple, which I started this past fall. With any luck, it will be finished by next fall!

3. And slowly knitting during movies.

The blanket I started knitting years ago is big enough to need a tote bag now, and I am on my last skein of yarn. I just need to watch a few more Christmas movies with the kids and it will be done!

4.  Rose did her last lesson in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.

She still has a few trouble words to review, but we have gone through each lesson! This is a major accomplishment that we are planning to celebrate by going out to lunch next week.

5. We made a little Christmas village.

One morning this week was spent coloring and assembling a little Christmas village - such fun! The pattern came from Taproot Magazine, but they have the downloads at their website. We printed ours on cardstock and everyone colored their own. Rose didn't want to make one; she was too excited about her stained glass coloring books, but I made one and I kind of want to make another.

So cute!

 6. We made an eggnog cake.

I felt like baking today but wanted something non-fussy. Our eggnog carton suggested replacing the water in a yellow pudding-in- the-mix-cake with eggnog, so we did just that. Now I prefer baking from scratch when possible, but some days it is decidedly not possible, so this was an easy and fun dessert. I tossed some Christmas sprinkles on the eggnog glaze for a little sparkle.

7. We finished the snowmen. 

The last of our bottle cap snowmen are complete and hanging on the tree.

This was such a fun craft and a great one to do with kids of varying ages. Now if we could just get some real snow around here....Rose is hopeful every day, but it has just been too warm!

Well it's time to get the kids off to bed, so I best be off.

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