Thursday, December 17, 2015

Peppermint Day

Yesterday was our 3rd annual Peppermint Day. We made peppermint kiss cookies, peppermint bark, and marshmallows.  And because that wasn't enough sugar for the day, we had hot chocolate so we could try out the marshmallows properly. A candy cane goes really nicely in  hot chocolate, if you haven't tried it.

 We made up little boxes of the treats to take along on a drive to a nearby lights display. It was a good day, not perfect, as I sometimes feel compelled to point out, since I don't want anyone to get the impression that things always run smoothly and perfectly here. Do they ever?

So, a little reality check. Some of the kids didn't want to help with much of anything, except crushing candy canes and unwrapping the kisses. They preferred to be in the living room playing a loud and boisterous made-up game that drowned out the Christmas carols I put on. We forgot to roll the kiss cookies in powdered sugar. Some of the kids fought over who got to crush the candy canes. The kitchen was a disaster area.  Someone had to be told several times to look out the window and stop arguing with their siblings during the drive. Someone else whined a lot on the drive home because it was dark and they were tired. I forgot to add the peppermint extract to the peppermint bark.

But I am getting better (I think) about not expecting things to go perfectly. It's not easy to let go of expectations, to be okay with things being "messy" in more ways than one, and to still have a good time in spite of it all. I am finding that Christmas is a great time to practice.

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