Sunday, December 6, 2015

Crafting & Making

The crafting and making days of December are well underway here. Grace remarked the other day that she is getting hardly any school done. I pointed out that it's December and my standards for schoolwork are extremely low. There is just too much else going on this time of year, and I have finally figured out that I can't just shove a bunch of Christmas activities on top of everything else we are already doing and have anything resembling a good month. Instead, some things - like school work- have to take a backseat to the holidays. This is our last week to homeschool somewhat normally before our break. I have been starting most homeschool days by reading aloud a few pages of  A Christmas Carol, then setting up a Christmas craft or baking activity to do.

Last week...

We made coconut macaroons one morning.  These were so easy, and very good. I have several requests to make them again. We decided to put maraschino cherries in them because we had them on hand.

Another morning I had the kids help me make Christmas jam. This has become tradition around here. I had kind of lost interest in canning, but it was nice to do it again with people helping.

And another morning we made bottle cap snowmen. Actually, these stretched over a couple of days because they needed several layers of paint, and some of the kids will still be finishing them up this week. I love how they came out!

Last Sunday we lit the first Advent candle and today we lit the second, which I forgot to photograph.

We put up the tree today and the kids found chocolate, candy canes, and lip balm tucked into their sneakers because it's St. Nicholas Day. And we watched our first two Christmas movies: Elf and Home Alone.

This week's homeschool plans include continuing with our Christmas plan and finishing The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading with Rose, who is very excited as we have promised to take her out to dinner to celebrate. She has worked very hard ~ we have been using OPGTR for over two years ~ so a celebration is definitely in order.  We also have a few crafts planned, some more cookies to bake, and Grace's birthday to get ready for and celebrate. I'll hopefully be checking in here this week with a Cranberry Thanksgiving FIAR post, some thoughts on the Life of Fred elementary series, and to share some more of our Christmas doings.

Till next time!

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