Sunday, November 1, 2015

Twelve Days of Halloween: A Recap

We had a really nice time celebrating with our 12 Days of Halloween Plan - and we actually did everything on our list for a change! Some of the things we did were in my last post.

We also.....

Walked outside to see the full Hunter's Moon.... though only Grace and I really looked at the moon, the other kids basically ran around screaming :).

Made some neat spider crafts...

 And bats...

Put together some fun owl cookies. These are just large store-bought cookies with mini Nilla wafer eyes (the pupils are M&M's), almond beaks, and chocolate frosting for the wings and to stick everything together.  This was something Rose saw in Family Fun Magazine and asked to make, but it turned out she meant she wanted me to make them while she watched! Luckily the other kids got into it and helped me out. 


We carved pumpkins, although James needed two days to finish his. He chose a really intricate design (the cat below) and it took quite a lot of work. Plus the power went out and he found it pretty difficult to finish by flashlight. He was pretty pleased with the final result, but thinks he might choose something easier next year.


 We ended up saving our monster pancake making for the day after Halloween, which actually worked out well. The kids got to use some of their candy for their creations....

 So that's Halloween, now onto November!

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