Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Plan

We had so much fun with our Halloween plan that I wanted to make a similar plan for Thanksgiving. We will be taking Thanksgiving week off from most of our usual school subjects, and my plan is to do these things with whoever is around and would like to participate.

Thanksgiving Week  Plan 


  •  Put out these two books, for everyone to peruse.

Crafts & Projects

  • Print out this banner and have any willing children color it in. We are sorely lacking in Thanksgiving decor of any kind, and I think this would look cute hanging over a doorway.
  • Make place-cards to bring to Grandpa's house for the big feast. This is something the kids do every year. 


  • Make a pie to bring for turkey day, and another for just us.
  • Do Thanksgiving at home the Saturday after...this has been our tradition for years because one Thanksgiving dinner is never enough, and we miss out on leftovers by not hosting Thanksgiving! So a couple of days later we buy a turkey and do it all over again.

Other Fun

  • Rose is planning to dress up as a Pilgrim. I bought her this costume last year and it still fits, thankfully.
  • Watch the Macy's parade - we watch the first part in the morning, then head out for our day and DVR the rest to watch the next day.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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