Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings

For the week of November 9th...

Thinking about
The holidays. I like to plan early, and I am just starting to get organized. I want to start planning our advent activities this week. My plan is to have one holiday activity each day from November 30th through January 6th. Of course, we have Thanksgiving first and I have a few things planned for that, which I will post about in a few days.

Some plans for this week

The usual round-up of activities, plus a vet appointment for the puppy - the last of her puppy vaccinations, which is very exciting, and a visit from the appliance folks to fix the dishwasher...not quite as exciting! Plus a birthday party, and a book club meeting for my older two; they read Magyk this month. I am also hoping to finish collecting snow gear for people. A trip to the mall this weekend (rare for us) got us most of what we needed, but Grace still needs snow boots and snow pants. And it is just not as easy to find those things at decent prices when your kids start wearing adult sizes, as we have been finding out.

Homeschool notes

The older three have all been doing National Novel Writing Month for their writing lately. I need to plan our row of Cranberry Thanksgiving, but Rose and I will start Another Celebrated Dancing Bear this week. I am hoping to take all of Thanksgiving week off, so I have been trying to get an idea of where I want us to be in various subjects by that point. We are all looking forward to a break!
Out of doors

It has been unseasonably warm. I still have kids going around in shorts, and that is quite unusual for November. But this week looks to be a bit more normal temperature-wise, chilly in other words! The leaves are off pretty much all of the trees, which means they are now all over the ground and I am just pretending they are not there.  There are also acorns all over the ground...a crazy amount of them this year.

In the kitchen

We made fry bread tacos for our last FIAR book. We have been eating way too much Halloween candy. All of us. This week I'm doing chili in the crockpot one night and potato leek soup another night.  I am planning to put the rest of our mini candy bars into an ice cream pie this week - if there are any left!

Watching & reading

The kids and I went to see Hotel Transylvania 2 and for movie night we watched The Empire Strikes Back (again). Without the kids, we watched more House of Cards, and I think that's it. I am reading The Hundred-Year House and Christmas with the First Ladies, which I picked up on a whim at the library.

Three Fun Things

James testing to see what will conduct electricity - a Sonlight Science E experiment

Surprise carrots! The carrot tops had all disappeared from the garden, so I was surprised that there were actually quite a few underground...enough for carrots with dinner anyway.

Walks in the woods in of my very favorite things

Have a wonderful week!

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