Sunday, November 15, 2015

Homeschool Highlights

A few highlights from our last week or so of homeschooling...

Artistic Pursuits K-3 lesson

Another Artistic Pursuits lesson - Rose experimented with pastels

Science experiment - Rose asked everyone which container had the most water (they all have the same)

Christopher's grammar test - he is doing well, and looking forward to finishing for the year soon

Rose's book "The Year": several weeks of copywork assigned in First Language Lessons 2, then bound together

A peek inside. I love how it came out! There is a page for each month.
James plugging away in spelling

We are all plugging away (or will come be Monday!) with one more week of regular "school" before our Thanksgiving break. I also have some Thanksgiving activities planned, some of which we will do this week and some the week of Thanksgiving.

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