Monday, October 12, 2015

Twelve Days of Halloween: A Plan

Rose is so very excited about Halloween this year.  She has been counting down the days pretty much daily, asking when we can decorate ( I don't like to do it too early), and wearing various parts of her costume around the house as she debates what to wear to which Halloween event. So to keep her happy while she waits, I came up with a list of Halloween activities we can do together -along with her siblings of course- to be started 12 days before Halloween.

Twelve Days of Halloween

Day 1:  We'll break out our Halloween decorations! We don't have a whole lot, but we'll make some more later on.

Day 2:  We'll spend some time decorating the front door....I love this idea, and I have some big googly eyes on the way for a surprise.

Day 3:  We'll make a spider craft.

Day 4:  We're going to make cookies with eyes today....I found a box mix for this ~ Jeepers Creepers Cookie Mix ~ in the baking aisle at Target.

Day 5:  We'll make a bat craft.

Day 6:  Today we have a family Halloween party, so we'll make a fun treat to bring along. Later on we will watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Day 7:  Today, anyone who wants to can spend some time creating a spooky story or two. Easy spooky story creator here.

Day 8:  The full Hunter's Moon is tonight; a good night to take a little stroll after dark....spooky!

Day 9:  It's time to plan for pumpkin carving. All of the kids carve their own small pumpkin each year, and they all like to take some time to sketch out designs ahead of time (or just look for ideas on the internet).

Day 10:  Today we will make some treats to take to our friend's Halloween party tomorrow, plus some owl-themed cookies for ourselves.

Day 11:  Halloween party with friends, then home for dinner and jack-o-lantern carving. We'll set aside the pumpkin seeds to roast tomorrow.

Day 12:  It's Halloween! Monster Pancakes for lunch are in order, plus bobbing for apples, roasting those pumpkin seeds, and watching a Halloween movie. Rose is kind of sensitive about scary things, but she loves Hotel Transylvania, so I ordered a copy for a special surprise.  Later on will come trick-or-treating for all who want to go. Grace has agreed to come walk around with us, and I'll have a little basket of candy made up just for her. I make her dress up and ring our doorbell to get it though:).

Now I don't expect this plan to work out perfectly! I imagine we will end up skipping some things, combining some days, or whatnot, but it is always helpful to have a plan going into things. In addition, I plan to stick Wee Sing for Halloween in the car to listen to as we drive around, to watch The Addams Family, at least with the older kids, and Rose has requested that we go see Hotel Transylvania 2, so we'll try to fit that in as well.

Happy (early)Halloween!

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