Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ten Things

1. Rose has been learning about contractions. The other day for her grammar lesson she wrote two words that make a contraction, like "he is", then used a highlighter to show which letters would get dropped in the contraction, then she wrote the contraction. She loved using the highlighter and was actually disappointed when the lesson was done.

2. We had a nice weekend at the beach recently.

It was cold, but that did not stop some of my children from wading!

3. Our puppy is getting big, despite the fact that I keep telling her she is a perfectly good size. I am afraid Rose won't be able to carry her around much longer.

4. Rose has been practicing her cursive.

I think she's doing pretty well!

5. We decorated the door for Halloween. Inspiration here.

6. Rose has been experimenting with magnets in Sonlight Science B. Here, she and I played a game of pick up sticks (or in this case, toothpicks with paper clips attached) and a magnet. The object was to pick up each toothpick without the magnet disturbing any of the others.

7. James finished Writing with Ease 3. I was waffling about doing Level 4 with him, mostly because of Susan Wise Bauer's updated writing recommendations, but I do think he needs more practice with narration and putting his thoughts down on paper. So we are going to do Level 4, but I am going to shorten the dictations as necessary...there are some really long dictations in this level and I don't want him to get overly frustrated.

He thought he deserved a celebration for finishing Level 3, so he requested these marshmallow pops from the Latin American grocery store.

8. We have been doing pretty well with our Halloween fun plan. We decorated the house and the door (above), and we made our Jeepers Creepers cookies. They were a bit crunchy for my taste, but fun to make and super cute. This was a box kit I found at Target.

9. Not on the plan, but we needed something to bring to a party, so the kids made these cute edible jack-o-lanterns out of clementines. Easy and healthy!

10. We made alien cupcakes. These are just green frosted cupcakes with green sprinkles, and Good & Plenty candy eyes.

I think I'll be back with another ten things post in a few days. I have been trying to take more pictures of what we have been's the only way I can remember it all!

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