Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sonlight Summer Readers 2015: A Review

I ordered our first Sonlight Summer Reader Package this year and I wanted to take a minute to do a little post on our experience, which was very positive. Rose and I had a lot of fun choosing the summer reader package, because she got to choose a bonus book from several options being offered by Sonlight. For her bonus book she chose  A Tale of Gold, which ended up being the only "flop" in the bunch, only because I think she was a bit young for it. We shelved that title to try again in a few years, but every other book was very much enjoyed. It was pretty exciting to get that package of shiny new books in the mail when all of our school books were looking and feeling tired. We finished our last summer reader just a few weeks ago, so it took us a bit longer than a summer to get through them, but only because our summer was exceptionally busy.

She chose to read Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew first because of the horse on the cover, and we ended up getting another from the same series from the library, because she enjoyed it so much. I prefer the original Nancy Drew myself, but this was a fun, light read. Then we read Third Grade Detectives: Mystery of the Hairy Tomatoes. We got another of that series from the library as well.  I especially enjoyed reading these two books with her because they were her very first mystery books, and I adored mystery books as a kid (and still do). She had a good time speculating about each case. These are both very light mysteries - nothing at all scary.

Next up we read Elevator Family, which we both thought was hilarious. It's about a family who stays in an elevator for their vacation because the hotel has no vacancy.  Still More Stories From Grandma's Attic was next, which is a really sweet, old-fashioned book. Since Stories from Grandma's Attic is a Sonlight book that I had read with James,  I was already familiar with the storyline. Rose enjoyed these stories much more than he did, though. I think they were a bit girly and old-fashioned for his liking. There is a bit of religious content in this book, but no more than you'd find in the Little House series.

We wrapped up our summer reading with Year of the Baby, which we actually just finished a couple of weeks ago. This one was a bit slower-paced than the others,  but she did ask to read it most days and she has asked me to get her the sequel. So all in all, the summer readers were a great experience! Read-alouds are one of those things that tends to fall by the wayside around here during summertime, and having a new stack of books around definitely helped us to read more this summer.

Sonlight makes summer reader packages for elementary, middle, and high-school readers, and I did offer to get my older kids their own package, but they weren't interested. My boys mostly prefer nonfiction for their free reading, and Grace is pretty picky about what she will read.  So only Rose got a package this year, but we will definitely be ordering again next year and trying to convince her siblings to branch out and do likewise.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I'm glad you enjoyed the books [smile].



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