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Rowing How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World {FIAR}

Rose and I just finished our second row of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. You can see the our first row here. We repeated some favorite activities, tried some new things, and ate lots of apples. This is one of the most enjoyable FIAR books to row because the plot is so unique and fun. It's about a girl that goes around the world in search of ingredients to make an apple pie - because her local market is closed.

Here's what we did!

*Social Studies*

  • We discussed the illustrations the author chose to include for each different spot on the globe the girl visits. For example, when she goes to France to get an "elegant chicken egg", we see the Eiffel Tower in the background. When she goes to England, the illustration includes a castle and a field of cows.
  • We went apple picking ourselves, naturally. It took us three whole weekends of rescheduling, but we finally made it to the orchard. Someone was always sick, or it was raining.

  • We got several different varieties at the orchard, so we could have a taste test when we got home. At the orchard, all of the rows were helpfully labeled.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn't necessarily remember which apple was which type once we arrived home. But it was still fun trying all of the different kinds. Rose's favorite was (we think) Molly's Delicious. 
  • I printed out an apple pie match activity, which Rose used as a memory game. This took a bit of prep to put together, but she really enjoyed it. 

  • First, she tried to put the location cards in order, then the ingredient cards, and then the transportation cards. Finally, she put everything together...what the girl took to get where, and what ingredient she found there. It was challenging, but she did well.

*Language Arts*

  • We used the manual to discuss the humor in this story. Of course, the whole story is silly -  because who would travel all over the world just to make an apple pie? There was also some discussion in the manual about the elements of repetition in the story. We discussed that as well, especially the end of the story when the girl goes back to the market to get vanilla ice cream for the pie...and the market is still closed. I won't spoil the story by telling you what happens next!
  • We went over the vocabulary words suggested in the manual.
  •  I had her act out the page where the main character makes the pie...she acted out churning butter, grinding wheat, slicing apples, etc.


  • We discussed the double-page street scene in the story, as suggested in the manual. Rose has been working on a street scene of her own, and has been putting quite a bit of work into it each day. Her street has an earring store and a bakery, so far.
  • We discussed the humor in the pictures...there are plenty of silly little things to notice. 
  • We cut an apple in half so she could see the star.


  • And then she tried her hand at making apple prints. We found that it was not easy to get the star shape to show up.

  • As suggested in the manual,  we made up apple subtraction problems for each other to solve. Like....say you picked eight apples, but the cow ate three and the chicken ran away with one. How many would you have left?
  • To test her memory, I asked her to tell me all of the ingredients it took to make the apple pie. She remembered all of them! 
  • To learn about fractions, we read the book Apple Fractions. It also had lots of apple information, which was a nice bonus. I found a used copy on Amazon.

  • We baked two caramel apple favorite part of this row.  We followed the recipe pretty much as directed, but we used a variety of apples, not just Granny Smith. It was so good!


  • For science, we did the salt water evaporation experiment from the manual. Rose enjoyed checking on this each day, and looking at the crystals with a magnifying glass once it was done.

We had a few other things I had planned that we didn't get to, like making apple pie playdough again, but I feel like we did enough.

And here is a little preview of our next three rows, which I am trying to find time to plan.

 I let her choose our next book and she settled on  The Glorious Flight. 

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  1. Looks like a LOT of fun! I wish I had younger kids sometimes...

    And the Glorious Flight looks very promising for rowing!


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