Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Lunch Time Homeschool Block

On to the next part of our homeschool routine...our lunch time block.

I have used lunchtime as "school-time" for quite awhile.  When the kids were younger they would take just about forever to eat their lunch, so I had time to eat, then do a read-aloud while I had a captive (and mostly quiet!) audience.  These days, we use lunchtime for logic. Last year we worked through the Critical Thinking books; this year, we are using Art of Argument. This is "officially" for Grace and Christopher, but my younger two both enjoy listening in and I am often surprised at how much they are getting out of it. 

So our lunchtime routine is: get lunch set up, get out the books, then eat and discuss. I will hopefully do a review of Art of Argument another day, but so far we are enjoying it. I usually have a bit of text to read aloud, then we all discuss the questions and illustrations. A fun feature of this book is that it includes mock conversations between Socrates and his students. We take turns playing the different parts, which gives me a bit of a break and keeps everyone from dozing off. We read and discuss until most people are done eating, then I just put a sticky note on the page we will start on next time.  We spend about 20 minutes per day on logic, much less than recommended in The Well-Trained Mind, but this is a subject that would be hard for me to fit in otherwise. I am just happy it's getting done!

Only a couple of block posts left to go. Next up is reading and discussing with my older two, which I do after lunch most days.

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