Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Musings

For the week of October 19th...

Thinking about
 Halloween! We decorated the house a bit yesterday, the first day of our "Twelve Days of Halloween", though we actually don't have an activity planned for tomorrow, so it's really "12 Days of Halloween Over 13 Days". It is going to be a challenge at this time of year to fit in that one extra little thing each day, but I am committed to making it happen. It's just going to mean something else doesn't get schoolwork or, like today, dealing with several days of unread emails. They'll wait, I'm pretty sure.

Some plans for this week

Halloween stuff. Getting the kids costumes in order.The usual round-up of classes, lessons, practices. Picking up the farm share, which has been much more pleasant now that it isn't so hot! Taking Rose in for her well-check appointment. Trying to collect a few more fall clothing items the kids need - this seems to take me forever. Planting garlic, if I find the time. Getting the chimney cleaned, so we can start using the woodstove. Taking the pool down, hopefully.

Homeschool notes

Things are going well. We got very little done last week because we decided to head to the beach for a weekend away; this week I think we'll be more productive. I am planning Rose's next FIAR book. Grace is planning to take part in National Novel Writing Month, and I need to ask the other kids if they want to do it.  I am thinking we'll take a break from our regular writing program for the month of November for anyone that wants to try it out. The National Mythology Exam is taking sign-ups, so I need to check in with the kids about that, too. Rose was scheduled to read Mountain Born this week, but I decided it was too sad for her right now, so we're skipping it and just doubling up our other readings to make up for it. James and I just finished Moccasin Trail and he really enjoyed it - and he is not one to admit to enjoying any book, so that's saying something!

Out of doors

It's been cold! But we should have a few warm fall days this week, so I'm looking forward to those. There are leaves everywhere that will eventually have to be dealt with, but for right now they look very pretty lying around everywhere.
In the kitchen

I have a crock pot post coming up...I have been using it more and more and I just really like the sight of it sitting on the counter.  I used it today to make a dessert, which I don't often do. Kids Cook Night is still going strong. This week Grace made tacos, and on their night, my boys are making meatball subs. We went apple picking two weekends ago and still have so many apples. I am going to try to find time to make applesauce, maybe in the crockpot.

Watching & reading

Without the kids we have been watching House of Cards. We just started season three and we are big fans. The last movie we watched was The Imitation Game - good movie. We picked up a copy of Aladdin this week, which is finally out on DVD and we are excited to watch that with the kids soon. My current read is This Is the Water and I am starting to think I might actually meet my goal of reading 52 books in 52 weeks!

Some fun things we've been doing

Picking apples

Christopher is taking tennis lessons. He and Grace read Challenger Deep for bookclub...I read it, too. We had some good conversations.

We did a corn maze - it took awhile, but we found our way out.

Posts I'm working on

My row of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World with Rose, our read-aloud and discussion time block, and a slowcooker post.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I need to get some Halloween decorations up! I used my crockpot a while back to make applesauce, and it was SO good.

    Have a good week!


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